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    10 Best Nightclubs to Visit in Goa

    Goa is The Party Capital of India. this place is best known for Sand, Sea, Beaches, Sun, but most of all for its lively and throbbing nightlife. Since the beginning of time. Mankind has used Music and Dance to Commune with the Spirit if Nature and The spirit of Universe. This Best Places Goa is Brimming with nightclubs that will satisfy the party animal in you.

    Nothing Compares to the lifestyle in Goa. This city has the variety of infusion and has something different for anyone. You want to spend the night in Clubs or at Beaches, in The Room or in Open Air, Trust me, This City will never let you Down, To visit Goa’s. Nightclubs are the must do things in Life.

    Top 10 Night Clubs To Visit in Goa.

    LPK (Love Passion Karma)

    You think Adventure is Dangerous. Try LPK. This incredible waterfront Club with Sculpted Terracotta statues all Around is not less than any adventure. LPK is one of the most exotic places in Goa. This Club Offers you Best Ambiance, Services, and of course an Amazing Location to have a Romantic Riverside Walk or Dance.

    Club Cubana

    If you Love Party Vibes, Than Club Cubana is for you. This is one of the best places to visit in Goa. It offers you “The NightClub in the Sky and around the Poolside”. This place is Simply breathtaking and equally amazing. The Dancefloor and Trendy Bars are the provides Buzzing ambiance like no other.


    This popular Club at the Baga Beach is one of the best nightclubs to visit in Goa. Tito’s can best describe as “Ye Mehfil Nahi, Sheher Hai”. This club has a Retro Bar and Bollywood DJ to offer you. Tito’s has taken the experience of clubbing to another Level and hence very Crowded.

    SinQ Nightclub

    You Don’t need magic to disappear. All you need is a Destination. The SinQ club is one of those destinations and the best nightclub Goa. This Happening club is located at Candolim Beach. This place offers you Drink, Dance, Romance, and unlimited Fun. The dinner table is on the poolside at this club.

    Silent Noise Club

    You must have heard the Break-Up song From the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil starring Aishwarya, Ranbir, and Anushka. This Silent Noice Club at Palolem Beach is following the same tradition. All you need to do is put Wireless headphones and surrender yourself to the Music. You can select the rhythm and beats of your choice, by selecting music channel.

    Cafe Mambos

    Another Club at Baga Beach, Cafe Mambos. One of the best places in Goa. If you want to dance all night away with world-class DJ’s then this is for you. providing huge space, great ambiance, food, drinks and dancefloor, this Place is must to be added to the list.

    Shiva Valley

    Shiva Valley is one of the best nightclubs in Goa. At Anjuna Beach, Every Tuesday when the Sun Goes down, correspondingly this place turns into Heaven. It will give you great feel When the Trance Music Will mix up with the sound of Waves coupled with the Cold Breeze which will Blow Your Hairs. The Party vibes get more energetic together with each passing Hour. This place is something that can make you skip your heart beat.

    Cape Town Cafe

    Another happening Dance and Music Spot Worth checking out is Cape Town Cafe. As a matter of fact, this best nightclub in goa has everything you need. Bar, Sound, Lip-smacking food in addition to Huge Dance Floor and what not this place has. This is a popular attraction at Calangute Baga Lane.

    Leopard Valley

    In South Goa, This is the best-hidden nightclub. Leopard Valley is a Haven for parties and similarly for Hangout. This place has 2 dance floors, 3D laser light shows, Fire pits, Dazzling Atmosphere for you.This Club is one of the biggest open-air arenas in India. This is an amazing place to spend the whole night.

    UV Bar

    You want to enjoy a night full of Trance, Head straight to the UV bar. This is the best place for Nightlife in Goa. At Anjuna Beach, UV Bar is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset and furthermore the complete night. This place can turn you into Party animal everytime they are there. In addition To 2 huge dance floors and Music, this place offers you fire shows and many different events that elevate the party spirit.

    Enjoy your Vacations spending your time in any of these best nightclubs in Goa in the light of the moon. This will surely turn into one of your holiday destinations.

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    Top 10 places to Visit In Goa

    If You Love Beaches, You must Love Nature. Or You Love Sports You, must Love Adventures. And you want to visit Romantic Place, you must want to Enjoy Clubbing With your Friends. No Matter What You Want To Do and Where You Want To Go. My answer is One & Same “GOA”. Visit this place just once and you will fall for it again and again. You will find everything From Sun to Sand, From Sea to Booze, From Clubs to Bristo in a single city.

    The Tan Will Fade but the Memories of Goa will last forever. Goa Has something to offer everyone. Apart from many amazing places to visit, Goa is also famous for Handicrafts, Traditions, Festivals, and Celebrations. This place is a famous Tourist attraction. People from not  Km only India But From all over the World Visit Goa 12 months a Year. Goa is Perhaps a Unique City having its own different World.

    Here’s a List of top 10 Places to visit in Goa.

    Calangute Beach

    Calangute is a way to haven. This place in Goa is known as ‘Queens Of Beaches’. All the tourists and backpackers across the world visit this Golden Stretch of Sand coupled with music. This Beach has many nightclubs and pubs within its boundaries. The best thing to do at Calangute beach is to enjoy its nightlife. It’s crazy dancing, Music, Cold Breeze, Drinks, and what not. Sea Shores are Full of candle lights on the tables and with that open sky up there on the head. You can only imagine what not this place has to offer you.


    Baga Beach

    If you want to witness Beautiful Sunset or you want to enjoy cold morning breeze. Baga beach is a perfect destination. Baga beach and Calangute beach lie on the same stretch of sand. If you want to live a perfect beach holiday the Baga is the place. This place offers you Spas, sun deck, amazing Food and Drinks Shacks, Music, Clubs and anything. Baga Beach is famous for its nightlife and famous clubs such as Tito’s, Mambos, Britto’s.  The famous Baga Lane has many tattoo parlors, Tarot Shops, Handicraft shops, Spas and much more. A bad day at Baga is still better than a good day anywhere else.


    Basilica Of Bom Jesus

    9 km away from the city, this historic church is a top visit place in Goa. Basilica of Bom Jesus Church has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Even after more than 400 years, this church is in very good condition though it is not still plastered on the outside. The interior of this place is very Unique and amazing. The Facade of the church has a triangular roofing which is dedicated curved with the initials ‘IHS’. This is an abbreviation for Jesuit Emblem meaning ‘Jesus, Saviour of Men’. This 408 years old Church is open to the public.



    The Only place in India that offers you Gambling Clubs is in Goa. This gives you the lifetime chance to try your luck. These Floating Ships can make you forget about anything and the Time also. Mandovi River is a home to these floating ships. Once you been there you will have everything on a call. Enjoy delicious foods, Drinks, Music, and those Gambling tables! The popular activities at casino include Poker, Rummy, Black Jack, Flash Roulette and much more.Being in Goa, One must explore the thrills of Gambling and try his Fortune.



    You will find each day spent in Thalassa too short for all the thoughts you want to think. All the Walks you want to take. All the Books you Want to read and All the Friends You want to meet. Goa is full of refreshing places and Thallasa is one of them. It lies on a hilltop at Vagator Beach. This place can offer you a peaceful day on a hilltop with an energetic and positive atmosphere. Thallasa Gives True Goa Vibes. With the perfect food, the ambiance, the hospitality and live performances this place ensures your experience here is truly memorable. This elegant open-air, ocean-view, cane furnished restaurant will surely take your heart away.


    Tito’s Club, Baga

    This Famous Club in Goa is not just a club. It’s a Brand name when it comes to clubbing in Goa. Once you are in Goa, then enjoy the best nightlife in at Tito’s Club. It is at the Baga Street and usually plays the music of Pop and Bollywood style. This club is famous for regular theme parties and karaoke evenings. This Club Offers you In-house and Open Air Dancefloor and also has private sittings on the separate floor. This is one of the most crowded clubs in Goa and Hense is So famous and a must visit destination.


    Doodhsagar Waterfall

    The Name itself describes everything about the Place. The city which is known for beautiful beaches and clubs, Dhoodsagar fall is an exception. This is one of the 5 highest waterfalls in India and one amongst the top 100 waterfalls of the world. When the water of Mandori River falls down, it looks like a heavy stream of white milk flowing effortlessly. Doodhsagar Waterfall is a Gift to Goa. The sight of the biggest waterfall with the clitter clatter noise of water hitting rocks. The Splash of Water and the cold breeze is what makes Goa a most unique and incomparable destination.

     Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

    Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is a beautiful Church in the Heart of City Goa. The architecture and interior of this Church will blow away your mind. The Beauty of this place is worth admiring. This church is at Height and you need to climb up a few stairs to get to the church. It gives you the look of the entire city from the top. This is an ancient church and has an ancient bell that was removed from the Augustinian ruins of the Church of Our Lady of Grace. This bell is one of the second largest bells in the world after the Golden Bell resides in the Se Cathedral.



    Club LPK is on the Waterfront. This is why Club LPK is one of the most unique locations in the world. Goa is a place full nightclubs all over the city but Club LPK is something different with incredible water Views, Breathtaking Beauties, Grand Opulence and most Romantic Charm. This club is made on the bank of Nerul River. It Offers you the Sculpted indoor Dancefloor all night long. Awesome Food and Drinks with a very romantic Ambiance on the bank of a river is what makes this most unique party location this world has produced ever.


    Club Cubana

    Club Cubana offers Loud music, awesome food, swimming pool, Poolside Party, Drinks and everything at a single place. This is one of the most popular and so most crowded places of Goa. If you are a party lover, this place is perfect for you to spend a mind-blowing evening with your Friends. Nightlife besides the pol with trending music is what makes this place loved by many. This Place is even a romantic place for couples to spend time together. The Decent Crowd and awesome music are what you will get there anytime.


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    Top 10 Most Haunted Places in India

    All of us are always eager for something new. Some of us like to meet new people and some likes to visit beautiful places. There are many beautiful destinations, spots, hotels, houses, forts, beaches where you may want visit. But wait! What if I tell you the place you are eagerly waiting to visit for so long is a haunted place. Yes, you heard me right. There are many tourist places in India which could be your dream destination but you may not know that it’s one of the most haunted places in India.

    I don’t know if you believe in Spirits, ghosts, paranormal activity, supernatural occurrence, spooky spots or not. But the fact is, many others do. According to experts, India is, of course, a beautiful country but on the other hand, it is one of the most mysterious and haunted countries. It beholds the secret stories of a lot of palaces and their kings, painful deaths etc. If you are one like me, who loves to open books, which were long sealed and kept hidden from the eyes of everyone then let’s explore the unexplored stories and strange happening of mysterious India out there.

    Here’s a list of top 10 Haunted places in India.

    10. Asirgarh Fort – Bhuranpur

    Asirgarh Fort near the Bhuranpur City of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most Haunted places in India. the number of people knows the horror story of the Place. According to the local tale, Ashwathama of Mahabharat worship Lord Shiva temple, inside the Fort early in the morning. People say Lord Krishna has cursed Ashwathama that he will bear a load of other people misdeed on his shoulder. He will roam alone without any affection and sympathy till the end of Kaliyuga and He will be totally isolated from the world and will suffer from incurable diseases which will be very painful and never heal. People say Ashwathama is unable to find his Death yet. 

    since last 5000 years, Spirit of Ashwathama is roaming around the fort and he worships Lord Shiva in the fort temple, earliest in the morning. He is the one who is making this place one of the most haunted. The mystery of the place is that every morning there are fresh flowers and sandal offered to Lord Shiva. it is believed he is the first who worship temple every day. This fort is a tourist place but no one is allowed inside the fort after SunSet. Before you think of going there and find if it’s a truth or myth. let me tell you, Many people tried to stay in the fort at night to see who worship first in the morning but it is said that either they saw no one and those who saw Ashwathama lost their eyesights immediately or lost their mental stability.


    9. Shaniwarwada Fort – Pune

    A very famous and crowded city Pune is also in a top list of most Haunted places in India. There’s a ghost of a Young Prince in Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune. The famous tourist place with beautiful architecture inside has the scariest story of all time. The mysterious reason behind the horror story of the place is that the Prince who came to power at the age of 16 was brutally murdered there by his aunty. she killed him soo bad that she cut his head, legs, hands fingers and throw them away. When the prince suspected that he was going to be killed he Ran to his Uncle Shouting ‘Save me uncle’ (Kaka Mala Vachva).

    Since then every new moon night people can hear echoes Kaka Mala Vachva. People also camp at night on the fort grounds just to hear the little boy’s scream. After sunset, No local or tourist can stay inside the fort.


    8. Dumas Beach – Surat

    We all love beaches but is anyone out there loves the Haunted beach. this Dumas beach in Gujarat is known for its black sand and Mystical activities. Very mysterious things happen there such as strange whisper being heard, people disappear suddenly at night etc. It was mentioned that many people have gone there and then never returned.

    the beach was used for long as a burial ground and hence is the home for many tortured souls. People often hear voices of spirits whispering “Go Back Home” (CHALE JAO OR WAPAS JAO) after dark. Many brave people tried to test the place at midnight going inside the water some of them were lucky that they got the warning by spirits to “Go Back” some never returned.


    7. Fernhill Hotel, Ooty

    The very beautiful and luxurious Hotel Fernhill is now closed because of the mysterious activities that are noticed by many people. This is one of the most reputed hotels but had the reputation of being haunted. This place has been Shutdown for last 10 years after the spooky incident during the shooting of Bollywood Movie Raaz.

    The famous Choreographer Saroj Khan and her troupe checked in the hotel late night after the shoot. They all straight went to sleep as they have early morning shoot. They were kept Awake that night by someone rearranging the furniture in the room above. All of them tried of calling reception but the phone was dead. being desperate for sleep, one of them went down to complain the receptionist but then the receptionist escorts them outside and pointed upwards and said: “there is no Floor Above”. Be brave enough to think who was making the sound.


    6. South Park Cemetry – Kolkata

    We love to visit Old Cemetery and get amazed at the old architecture and the perfection. South Park Cemetry is one of the oldest Cemetry builds in the year 1767. This place can amaze you with not just its architecture but whats more amazing part of this place is that it can let you forget to breathe.

    People have reported that they have seen a shadow in the white dress at that place. Many people face unnatural activities there and many died on spot with attacks and fear. People often felt Dizzy, they go breathless, gets asthma attacks even though they are not asthma patient and some people never came back.This place is full of horror stories and one of the most haunted places in India.


    5. The BrijRaj Bhavan Place – Kota

    You May heard the famous Bollywood Dialogue from the Movie Sholey “Soo Jaa Beta, Nahi Toh Gabbar Aa Jaayega”. The Ghost In Brijraj Bhavan may use to say to the guard over there “Soona Mat, Nahi To Thappad Kha Jaayega” (Dare not to sleep, or else you will get a slap). This is one of the most mysterious and haunted places in India.

    Brijraj Bhavan is one of the oldest Palace built in the 19th century. This place converted into a heritage hotel in 1980. It is claimed to be home for the many homeless ghosts and the harmless ghost of the Major Burton. He was killed during the Revolt of 1857. The ghost of major doesn’t really harm people there but the night guard of the Hotel claims that the ghost slaps in the middle of the night if he sleeps on duty.


    4. Agrasen Ki Baoli – New Delhi

    Famous place Agrasen ki Baoli is considered as a spooky house in Heart of Central Delhi. This historical place is unique because of the 103 red stoned steps magnificent water Temple. But apart from its famous and unique architecture, this place is best known for its mysterious and horror stories.

    Visitors there felt the presence of some spirits and ghosts following them. This Baoli was also famous for the black water inside the well that strangely asks people to sacrifice their lives. Though the well is empty now. The water is believed to have has mesmerized people and drove them to death.This place is now under ASI protection but due to many supernatural activities happen there this is one of the most haunted places in India.


    3. G.P Block – Meerut

    GP block Meerut holds many paranormal activities. This building is a party place for many ghosts. Several locals spotted girls in red dresses coming out from the building and having a great time. Many people notice four boys at a table drinking beer with a lightened candle on the table on the roof of the building. And locals often saw a woman sitting on the roof wearing Red clothes.

    Now you must be thinking How is this place is one of the top haunted places in India. These boys and girls are chilling over there. Let me tell you then, This building is closed for last many years. The girls and boys spotted there are not Human-like one of Us, these are Free spirits or ghosts. Whenever any brave heart tries to go close to them, they all disappear in a fraction of a second.


    2. Kuldhara – Rajasthan

    The mysterious village is popular since the 1800s when suddenly 1825 people of the village and nearby 83 villages vanished from there overnight. The village is abandoned since then. The curse made it one of the most haunted places in India.

    The tale is that Salim Singh, the minister of the State fell in love with the beautiful daughter of the chieftain. When he visited this village he wanted to marry that girl. He threatened the villagers by saying that if they did not let him marry the girl he will levy huge taxes. To protect the Girl’s honor, all of them have simply vanished overnight. Before leaving the place, the villagers cursed this place that no one could ever inhabit the land. Now you can relate it Black Magic, Tona-Totka, Bad-Dua etc but it is true that no single Person can survive on the land.

    1. Bhangarh Fort – Alwar, Rajasthan

    Many of you must be familiar with this city Alwar and the 17th-century fort- Bhangarh Fort. The Archaeological Survey of India or ASI has ranked it as the most haunted place in India. A local magician fell in love with the princess Ratnavati. Once he tried some black magic/ Tona Totka on her by bewitching her cosmetic she was supposed to use so that he can make her fall in love with him. Princess suspected something wrong and foiled the entire conspiracy of the black magician. She poured the bewitched cosmetic over a massive stone boulder and this cursed the magician to death. He placed a curse that no soul would ever be able to live in peace upon the entire land of Bhangarh. Since then the place has been haunted.

    No one is allowed inside the fort when the sun has gone down and before the Sun Rise. It is said that people have gone missing mysteriously if they enter the fort after 7 PM. Even no villagers go outside their houses at night because of the fear that they will inexplicably collapse. There’s a temple inside Bhangarh fort and a Brahmin ‘Pandit’ stays in that temple all night. Even he dares not to walk down the stairs of the temple at any cost. He believes that the temple is safe from any curse as it is blessed by God.

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    Top 10 most Beautiful Houses across the World.

    Which is the Most important and valuable place a person can ever have? A place which provides him with the best comfort irrespective of its size, color or even location?

    Yes, the answer is a “House” which makes him feel safe, secured and even comfortable. No matter if it’s a hut, Apartment, Mansion or a Villa, at the end of the day, the only place he will ever wanna be is his own house. This world is full of places like these which not only provide pleasing comfort but also soothes the eyes of the viewer. Some of these places have a great Historical Background and on the other side, some of them are a wonderful piece of art and architecture.

    Let’s have a look at some of the most beautiful creations which welcomed a number of tourists around the globe.

    Top 10 most Beautiful Houses across the World.

    10. Dracula’s Castle – Romania

    Worth: $130 Milion

    Bran Castel or the Dracula’s Castle situated near Bran is a national monument and landmark in Romania. Considered as one of the most luxurious castles around the world, it is the best place for a pleasant stay.

    It is often erroneously referred to as the home of the title character in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. Situated on an empty mountain top, this building is  2,033 meters (6,670 ft) high. In 1920, it became the royal residence within the kingdom of Romania. Further, It became the favorite home and retreat of Queen Marie, who ordered its extensive renovation.

    Later in the year 1980, this beautiful place was turned into a museum and attracts tourists from around the world.

    9. Updown Court – England

    Worth: $138 Million

    England is a place famous for many things like Big Ben, Black Cabs, The Beatles and many others. But, the most important thing it is famous for is it’s Royal Families and Royal Buildings. The Updown Court is one of those Royal Buildings situated in the village of Windlesham in Surrey, England.

    This Californian style residence contains 103 rooms and has 58 acres (230,000 m2) of landscaped gardens and private woodland. It consists of all the luxurious facilities from a swimming pool to a Bowling Alley which makes it one of the most desired home. Back in 2005 it was known as the most expensive private home on the market anywhere in the world listed with the top Estate Agencies.

    If theirs an award for a white beauty, please present it to this Marvelous Mansion !!

    8. Franchuk Villa

    Worth: $161 Million

    One of the most popular Villas ever known is this Franchuk Villa. Located in the Central London in Belgravia, this House has been the dream home of many people. The arresting beauty of this lavish home is something that makes anyone want to stay there.

    This Victorian style building is constructed of 6 floors with all the luxurious amenities like swimming pool, gym, Private Theater, and much more. This house is surely one of a kind and is also the Most Expensive Property of London.

    It is said that beauty is something that shows the gorgeousness and simplicity at the same time, but this Villa is beyond the word Beautiful. With white color and a great scenic beauty, this house is surely uncomparable.

    7.  The Manor

    Worth: $150 Million.

    The Manor – This L.A. beauty is a mansion located in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. It is a French chateau-style mansion with 123 rooms constructed on 56,000 square feet (5,200 m2) of space on more than 4.6 acres (1.9 ha).

    This Lavish Mansion was established back in 1991 and privately owned by Aaron Spelling (widely known television producer of series including Dynasty, Charlie’s Angels, many others). It is a two-story house with a basement and an intermediate level of closets between the second story and attic. This house includes a screening room, gym, bowling alley, four two-car garages, tennis court, and pool. And most importantly it’s parking lot accommodates 100 vehicles.

    This Elegant place is truly the heaven in Los Angeles !!

    6. Victorian Villa

    Worth: $161 Million.

    This house is one of Ukraine’s most luxurious property, owned by Elena Franchuk (Ukrainian businesswoman and philanthropist). The astonishingly beautiful Victorian Villa is built in 5 stories providing an elegant look to the viewer.

    This house is even more beautiful from inside. It holds amenities like a basement and an outdoor pool, Room Theater, Gym and a panic room. Built at the shores of the sea, it gives a very calm and soothing environment for a person to live in.

    Is this Villa available for rent? Because I would Definitely like to spend my weekend at this place !!

     5. Hearst Mansion


    Worth: $165 Million

    Hearst Mansion was designed by the architect Julia Morgan, between 1919 and 1947, as a residence for newspaper icon William Randolph Hearst. Mr. Hearst died in 1951 and post that, this ancient house was converted into a state park in 1954. Today this private mansion is known as the National Historic Landmark of California.

    The total square footage of the buildings on the estate exceeds 90,000 square feet (8,300 m²). It includes luxuries like 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, 19 sitting rooms, 127 acres (0.5 km2) of gardens, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, a movie theater, an airfield, and the world’s largest private zoo.

    It’s exotic white color honestly gives a memorable image !!

    4. Fairfield Pond


    Worth: $198 Million

    This House is the home to an American Businessmen and investor Ira Rennert. He named his home after the adjoining water body Fairfield Pond. This luxurious mansion is spread in over 63 acres of land making it the largest residential house in the States.

    It includes facilities like Basketball and Tennis Court, Swimming pools, more than 60 rooms and private in-house carts. The Bowling Alley and the Hot Tub itself costs approx $150,000. It’s relaxing environment with greenery all around, makes it the most desired and Hottest place in the world.

    3. Villa Leopolda – French Riviera

    Worth: $506 Milion

    Number 3 on this list is the beautiful Villa Leopolda. It is a 27 Storey high residence and known to be the Most Expensive home in the whole Europe. Built on the 80,000 square feet of land, this estate is situated on the French Riveria which is divided into two guest houses on the 20 acres ground.

    Villa Leopolda takes its name after King Leopolda who built it in late 1902 for his mistress Blanche Zélia Joséphine Delacroix. In addition to that, this villa has had seen several owners namely  Gianni and Marella Agnelli, Izaak and Dorothy J. Killam, and since 1987, by Edmond (1932–1999) and Lily Safra, who inherited the villa after her husband’s death.

    This Antique villa was also used as the filming locations for movies like The Red Shoes (1948) and To Catch a thief (1955).

    2. The Penthouse – London


    Worth: $200 Milion

    The Penthouse is another building from London which provides a Jaw Dropping Moment to the viewer. With an estate price of $200 million, it also becomes the second most expensive Apartment building around the Globe.

    Whenever we talk about London, we always think of its Royal nature, wealth, and of course beauty. The Penthouse is also one of those buildings. It costs nearly 6000 pounds per square feet and provides more than 25 different apartments which are owned by some of the wealthiest Businessmen and professionals.

    1. Antilla – Mumbai


    Worth: $1 Billion

    Located on the Cumballa Hill, Mumbai, Antilla is the worlds most expensive and beautiful building till this date. Owned by the chairman of Reliance Industries and the Greatest Business Tycoon Mr. Mukesh Ambani, it is a building with every amenities one can ever think of. It consists of 27 stories with extra high ceilings and 600+ staff to take care of it 24/7.

    It’s Extraordinary design and graceful colors are something that makes it top the list of The Most Beautiful Houses in the world. This Grand Mansion only holds the land of 40,000 square feet and is known to be the Second Taj Mahal in the world.


    Each and every costly, famous and beautiful house in this world holds a great and tuff story, yet these buildings are the ones with refined architecture and beautiful colors. The owner of these houses did work hard to achieve this kind of lifestyle and I think this list is enough motivation to work hard and Fly High with ravishing Colors.

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    Top 10 Most Beautiful Places of the World.

    Traveling is not something you are good at, but it’s something you do like you are Breathing. There are so many beautiful destinations in the world that are definitely worth bumping into your top travel list. Some of us like Mountains, some loves to spend time near peaceful Lake or wants to relax on a beach, Adventurous Parks are sometimes what Attracts Us, and its thundering Waterfalls sometimes, that Wins the battle.

    Among all these Beautiful Destinations, its always hard to Decide which place should come first, Where and Where Not To Go. The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience the utmost, to fight the time, to win the life, to reach out eagerly and without fear of richer and newer experience. Traveling is something that is incredibly Super awesome for anyone in this world and this is one of the most adoring and at the same time challenging things to do and gain new experience of exploring life around the world before you die.

    Let’s Find Some Beautiful Places of the world.

    Bora Bora, French Polynesia

    In France, the country of Romance, this Place is known as God’s wonderful creation, situated on the western Part of society Island of French Polynesia called Bora Bora. This is for sure a dream island for anyone who loves to spend peaceful time with beautiful nature. This dream-like island has a passive volcano as its heart, covered with huge and thick forest, and tiny sand-fringed all around, covered with the blue Pacific Ocean with thousands of colorful fishes inside.

    Trust me, it’s a magical place with luxury resorts and lavish nature to fulfill all your wishes. There is no other place that is more Romantic and more extravagantly beautiful than Bora Bora. The months November and April are the best time to visit Bora Bora.


    Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

    One of the Seven Naturals Wonders of the world, Victoria Falls “The Smoke that Thunders” is the largest waterfall of the world situated in Southern Africa on the Zambezi River. This is the only waterfall across the world which can be clearly heard from 40 kilometers away, and the Spray of water can be seen from 50 kilometers away as it rises 400 meters in the air creating the endless rainbow and wonderful clouds.

    The Victoria Fall offers magnificent View of the main fall with the number of zigzag gorges ends up in a continuous fall covered with the large wide forest around. The smooth surface of the water with slow swirls and heavy boiling turbulence is a tremendous addition to this beautiful place and this place is highly covered with Hippopotamus or crocodiles mainly on the second gorge. May to September are the best months when one can enjoy this fall.


    Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

    This 300 square of wild beauty, with over 16 lakes connected to a single waterfall, surrounded by large forest and having the number of natural and man-made bridges is the Plitvice Lakes National park, situated in the mountains of central Croatia. This beautiful place is full of bears, wolves, boars, fishes, and birds and I must say, if it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.

    Where ever you go, Go with all your heart. This place offers you to enjoy the endless number of big and small falls that is always filled with the spray of fog in the air. You can visit this place any time of the year and can enjoy the magical morning around the lakes covers with many branches of trees and many wooden and man-made walkways and a cold breeze making your morning more peaceful.


    White Haven, Australia

    White Haven is a place that can embrace your solitude. It is an island covered with white sand in Australia and is also known as Whitsunday island. In the year 2008, it was awarded as Queensland’s cleanest beach as this beach is very eco-friendly beach in the world where cigarette smoking is also prohibited.

    The white sand offers you an amazing experience of walking Bare feet and salty hairs where happiness comes with waves. This beautiful beach is a real heaven on earth and an island paradise rivaling other international destination like Bora Bora. According to travel operators and locals, the best time to visit Whitsundays is in Month of September.


    Venice, Italy

    An Italian City, Venice is situated across a group of 118 small islands which are connected by around 400 bridges and divided by canals. This beautiful place is popular for its renowned beauty of settings, architecture, and artwork. When you seek another word for ‘music’, you will never find any other word than Venice.

    The city Venice is ranked as the most beautiful city in the year 2016. It has several popular important artistic movements. Venice is not only a City of Fantasy and Freedom, but it is also a city of Joy and Pleasure. If anything can rival Venice in its beauty than it must be its reflection at sunset in the Grand Canal. September to November are the best months to visit Venice.

    Krabi, Thailand

    Krabi is a town on Thailand’s west coast. It has a limestone cliff and hundreds of islands just offshore in the Andaman Sea. This peaceful and beautiful island makes this place a very popular and loved holiday destination. This island is covered with dense forest and vast sandy beaches. Other than a beautiful sea this city offers popular destinations like Tiger cave temple, Buddhist temple and more.

    The real Voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new Eyes. This destination offers top activities like Kayaking, Sailing, Snorkeling etc and many scenic attractions including waterfalls and caves. Every year this place is a venue for the Rock and Fire festival. November to march is the best time to visit Krabi.


    Blue Lagoon, Iceland

    The heart of Lava Field on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is a rare geothermal spa. It gets its trademark color from the water of silica which is not just pretty but this water is great for your skin too. The warm water of blue lagoon has average swimming temperature 37-39 degree. It is reputed to help people suffering from skin diseases.

    Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. This beautiful place is something that makes your life extraordinary. The lagoon is actually Man-made largest geothermal power plant. This place offers not only scenic natural beauty but also many man-made innovations to learn.


    Paris, France

    City of LOVE, Paris from the Country of Romance and also called Heart of France. There are only two places in the world where you can live a very happy life: at home and in Paris. Sights & Landmarks, Museums, Tours, Nature & parks, outdoor activities and much more are some attractions of Paris. This place is something that will fill your life with adventures, not just things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.

    Don’t call Paris a Plan, Call it a Dream. The symbol of Love- Eiffel Tower, art at its finest- Louvre Museum, an iconic monument The Grand Palais are the attractions of Paris. Popular Moulin Rouge Show during an extravagant evening in the city of light and many more beautiful places makes Paris a must visit destination in your list of Dream Destination. Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once, Paris is one among those. June to October are the perfect months for a visit to Paris.



    It doesn’t matter where you have been and where not, but this place is the must on your list. The Maldives is a paradise on earth. It is a part of Southern Asia and lies in the southwest of India. Most popular beautiful attractions of Maldives are Sun Island beach, Manta point, Banana Reef, Grand Friday Mosque, Alimatha island.

    This place will leave you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. Spending a beautiful sunny day in Maldives can make travel thousand miles back to the place. It is not just Maldives it’s a way of life. A mix of south Indian and Arab influences is reflected in the traditional music, cuisine, and art of island. Between November and April is the best season to visit Maldives.


    Abu Dhabi (UAE)

    The capital of the most popular country the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. It is the largest of all the seven UAE’s emirates. This city lies on a T shaped Island of the central western coast. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque with 82 domes is one of the largest Mosques in the world. It also one of the most beautiful place with a marble courtyard featuring mosaics of flowers native to the middle east.
    The famous Rub al Khali or Empty Quarter desert is a famous place to explore. the royal hunting preserves Sir Bani Yas Island with thousands of animals like Cheetahs, hyenas, Arabian Oryx running wild are some of the beautiful places of Abu Dhabi. This Place will not only make you remember days but make you live the unforgettable moment and remember lifelong.

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    Top 17 Most Beautiful Women Of All Time

    ,Beauty- for many of you, is something, that you see with your eyes and the first word you utter is “WOW”.  But in reality, it should be considered as something that you Can Really be felt and touched by heart and with just the simplest glimpse, have that power to make you go “WOW” and “Lost”.  Most of the Beautiful Women of the world have this Power with themselves, and with this Power, A Woman Charms a lover and terrifies a husband.

    Beauty is the biggest power a woman has and a woman who walks in Purpose doesn’t have to chase People or Opportunities. Her Light Causes People and Opportunities to Pursue her. Nothing is more arresting than a woman who is brave, strong, and emboldened, and there is nothing rarer than a beautiful Woman. We have gathered some of the dazzling Women on the bases of their Passion, Determination, Hard work in order to excel their fields.

    In this span of beauty, we have listed top 17 most beautiful women of all time.

    17. Beyonce

    One if the best-selling music artist Beyonce born on 4th September 1981. This multi-talented and beautiful woman Beyonce is a dancer, songwriter, actress and a fabulous singer. Beyonce is the one who is always on fire from within. Her long list of awards and nominations are bigger than the number of cities in a country. Some of her awards include International Artist Award (2007), Legend Award (2008), The Billboard Millennium Award (2011), Fashion Icon Award (2016), 22 Grammy Awards with total 62 nominations, 24 MTV Video Music Awards and much more.

    She has got fame in 1990 when she worked for group Destiny’s Child for R&B girl as a lead singer. Will you believe if I say this amazing woman, Beyonce, has sold an estimated 100 million records as a solo artist till the Date and also 60 million records with the group Destiny’s Child? She was listed as a most powerful female in entertainment by Forbes of the Year and was listed twice in a row among Time’s 100 Most Influential people in the world. In the year 2014, she became the highest paid Musician in history. For Beyonce, her talent isn’t added to her beauty but her beauty is an addition to her talent.

    16. Eva Green

    “You Believed You Were Beautiful, and So Did the Rest of the World.” The gorgeous Eva Gaelle Green born 6 July 1980 is a French Actress and Model. Like France is a country of Romance, the women belong to France are also most attracting among others and so is Eva Green. She is an honor of BAFTA Rising Star Award and Best Female Newcomer.

    Eva Green can make anyone say “Damn, Your Eyes”. Her Green Eyes can make You go “WOW”. In the year 2003, she made her first Debut in Bernardo Bertolucci’s film The Dreamers. She was the Seductive Bond Girl of Casino Royale, in the year 2006.

    15. Candice Swanepoel.

    This Classy and Fabulous South African Actress Candice Swanepoel born 20 October 1988 is one of the Forbes Top-earning Models. Her Personality Begins Where comparison ends. She is best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret in 2007. Her hot looks were listed #1 on Maxim’s “Hot 100 List”. For Stunning Candice Swanepoel We can end up saying “A Girl Says Her Worth, but A Woman Acts Her Worth”

    She has Flourished the runway with her Beauty for Brands Like Fendi, Tommy Hilfiger, Dior, Dolce and Gabbana and more. Candice has also given her graceful appearance in many editorials like American, Italian, British, Spanish, German, Chinese And Maxican Vogue, German And South African Elle and much more.

    14. Sophia Loren

    Sophia Loren is a perfect example of the popular Saying “Old is Gold”. This beautiful Italian woman is an amazing Actress and Singer. Sophia Loren Believes “A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: Serving its purpose without obstructing the view.” She has earned many awards for her performance like Academy Award for best actress, Devid di Donatello Awards.

    Apart from these, she has won 5 Special Golden Globes, BAFTA Awards, Grammy Award, Best Actress Award at Cannes film festival an Oscar and many such awards. She has got international fame when she signed a five-picture contract with Paramount Pictures in 1958.

    13. Charlize Theron

    Again a great personality of South Africa is here on the list. Charlize Theron, born 7 August 1975 is a South Indian Actress and Producer. Remember, a good woman knows her Worth, and so she does as she once said: “I think today women are very scared to celebrate themselves because then they just get labeled.” Theron has received many awards such as Silver Bear, Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award

    When Charlize was 16, she won a one-year modeling contract at a local competition. She has received fame in the year 2000 when she was starred in 5 films in a year. She is one of the greatest performers in the history of Cinema. And on the top of all, she was the first South African Actress to win an Oscar for Best actress.

    12. Julia Roberts

    “The Older you get, the more fragile you understand the life to be” is how Gorgeous Julia Roberts Believes and looks at her Life. This pretty woman born 28 October 1967 is an American Actress and Producer. She has won three Golden Globe Awards, four Academy Awards for Best Actress, Emmy award and much more.

    Julia became Hollywood star after her appearance in Romantic Comedy Pretty Woman (1990). Throughout the 1990s, Julia Robert was one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. She has made a record of appearing five times in People’s magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman”.

    11. Jennifer Aniston

    One of the most famous and Beautiful women of all time, Jennifer Aniston born February 11, 1962, is an Actress, Producer, and a successful businesswoman. Jennifer Love that feeling of being in love, the effect of having butterflies when she wakes up in the morning and with all, and little statements like this Despite all the fame she has achieved, Jennifer has always proved that she is one of us.

    She has received many awards such as Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award. Stunning Jennifer Aniston is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Do you want to know her current worth? Trust me, When I tell it to you. It is $200 million. A good woman is hard to find and worth far more than diamond.

    10. Shakira

    Shakira is a Colombian Dancer and Record producer, born 2 February 1977. Next time when you think of  Beautiful Things, Don’t forget to Count Shakira on your list. Shakira has received numerous awards, including 13 Latin Grammy Awards, 5 MTV video music awards, 13 Latin Grammy awards and much more.

    She began her career in 1990 with her first music debut Magia. Shakira always Thank GOD that is a product of her parent. That they infected her with their intelligence and energy for life, with the thirst for knowledge and their love. She gave her first successful singles “Whenever Wherever”in the year 2002.

    9. Monica Bellucci

    Beauty is all about being comfortable in your own skin and so, Monica Bellucci is the real beautiful woman you can know about. The gorgeous Monica Bellucci born 30 September 1964 is an exquisite Italian Actress And Fashion Model. She has received various awards such as Italian National Syndicate Film Journalists, European Film Awards, MTV Movie Awards and much more.

    At the age of 13, she began her modeling career and became a successful woman. Her film career began in the early 1990s. Monica Bellucci is all-time most top-ranked Italian actress and fashion model. She has elegantly posed for Dolce & Gabbana and French Elle.

    8. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

    It’s no surprise if I say  I’m lost in her blue Eyes. Beautiful Aishwarya Rai is an Indian actress, model, and winner of Miss World 1994. She has successfully established herself as the most popular actress of Bollywood. She has received many awards such as Padma Shri by the government of India, Filmfare awards, best actress awards and more.

    Her movie debut Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, a romantic drama, in the year 1999 was the turning point of her career. She gave amazing performances in many movies ahead and still winning hearts. She was selected By Verve Magazine as country’s most powerful woman and Hello! magazine has voted her “most attractive women of 2003”

    7. Rihanna

    Rihanna is not just an actress, singer, and songwriter but she is a very interesting person as well. She said, “I want to give people a taste of Caribbean, and show them the fun side of me”. This amazing, fun-loving and beautiful woman born on February 20, 1988, is so talented that you cannot imagine the number of achievements she has got in such a small age. Her award list includes 8 Grammy Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, 12 American Music Awards and much more.

    She is no doubt one of the best-selling artists and youngest solo artist to earn 14 #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Rihanna is one of the popular pop icons of the world. She is a mess of gorgeous chaos, and you can see it in her eyes.

    6. Scarlett Johanson

    According to Scarlett Johanson, “One of the best things for a Woman to Hear is that she is sexy” and so she is the sexiest woman you are further wanna know about. Beautiful Scarlett Johanson born November 22, 1984, is an American Actress and Singer. No doubt Scarlett is one of the highest paid actresses in the world. This pleasant and talented woman has received several awards such as Golden Globe Awards, Film Critic Awards, British Film Academy Film Award and much more.

    Some of her brilliant performance includes Fall, Home Alone 3 and More. She has given her graceful appearance in many movies and won infinite hearts. Apart from acting, she made her successful album debut “Anywhere I Lay My Head” in the year 2008 and much more.

    5. Madhuri Dixit

    A woman with Charm, Attraction, Good-looks, Grace, Devine Beauty and what not, is none other than famous Indian Actress Madhuri Dixit. Born on 15 May 1967, Madhuri is one of the most appealing Women of the world. Priyanka has received Padma Shri by the government of India in the year 2008. Along with that, she is the honor of awards like six Filmfare awards, four Best actress awards and much more.

    She made her first film debut in the year 1984 and later in 1988 she did Tezaab since then she has successfully established herself as one of best leading actresses in india with her astonishing performances in movies like Ram Lakhan (1989) Hum Aapke Hain Koun..! (1994), Raja (1995) Dil To Pagal Hai (1997) Devdas (2002) and many more. For beautiful Madhuri Dixit, one can end up saying “The True Beauty of a Woman is her Kind Heart and Gentle Spirit.”

    4. Priyanka Chopra

    “The best Women are the hardest to deal with because they know their Worth” Priyanka Chopra is one of them. Winner of Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra born 18 July 1982 is a beautiful Indian Actress, Singer and Film Producer. Priyanka is one most popular and high profile celebrities of Indian film industry.

    She is not just one of the most loved Bollywood actress but a very popular Hollywood actress as well. She entered Hollywood with her first appearance as Alex Parrish on the ABC drama Quantico and became the first South Asian woman who made her place in American Network series. Other than her acting filmy career she amazed people with her voice also as she signed WorldWide recording agreement with DesiHits, in the year 2011.

    3. Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez, born July 24, 1969, as an American Actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, author, and producer. She is Delightfully Chaotic, A Beautiful Mess. Loving Her Is a Splendid Adventure. She is an honor for a perfect attitude and personality and this is what makes her sexier like no one other. Her vibes can attract your Tribe.

    Jennifer Lopez Is one of the superb Dancer ‘Fly Girl’ on ‘In Living Color’ in the year 1991. For her film Selena, she has received Golden Globe Nomination in the year 1997. Her dedication and talent have made her one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

    2. Deepika Padukone

    Deepika Padukone born 5 January 1986, is an amazing Indian Actress and she is worth far more than Rubies.

    Identically, We all have just one heart and Deepika can surely take it away with just a glimpse of her smile. Her  Dimples can make you fall in love with her again and again. Deepika is one of the most Beautiful, popular and highest paid actresses in Bollywood. She is one of the most attractive personalities of this era.

    Deepika is a brand ambassador for many products such as Tissot, Maybelline, Pepsi and much more. Deepika has established herself as one of the leading actresses with her hard work and dedication. And of course, her divine beauty is unfading. She is a timeless woman with class. Some of her most loved films are Love Aaj Kal, Bajirao Mastani, Cocktail, Housefull and a Hollywood debut xXx and much more.

    1. Angelina Jolie

    An American Actress, Film Maker, and Activist Angelina Jolie Born June 4, 1975, is one of the most delightful and charming faces of Hollywood. Her popular Roles Includes Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Wanted, Maleficent and much more. Angelina is a person, who Wore her Scars as her best attire and a stunning Dress made of Hellfire. Jolie works with passion.

    She secures the topmost position in the list of World most beautiful Women, and one of the highest Paid actresses and the most popular name in Hollywood. She is a winner of awards like Academy Awards, Two Screen Actor Guild Awards, Three Golden Globe Awards and much more. Angelina Jolie is the Fun, Honest, Gorgeous and Talented person you will ever know. She is one of those Extraordinary people who think very ordinary.

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    Top 10 Most Beautiful Colombian Women.

    Colombia or The Republic of Colombia, known mostly for their Talented Artists and Beautiful women across the globe. Not only this, people love to visit this place for their Great Culture and Passionate Hospitality.

    Many Great Artists like Shakira, Fernando Botero, Juanes are some of the people who make this country more lovable to visit. But, have you ever wonder what is one of the best quality that makes Colombian women one of the hottest and sexiest women in the whole world? Yes, it’s definitely their ability to maintain their body figure. You wouldn’t even be able to tell the age of some old women.

    It means what they say is true “Beauty knows no age“, and in case of Colombian women, it is surely the perfect statement.

    So let’s have a look at these Top 10 Most Beautiful Colombian Women.

    10. Aura Cristina Geithner

    Aura Cristina Geithner (Born 9 March 1967), a gorgeous Colombian actress worked in many TV shows and Movies. Known for her warm smile, this woman has reached numerous hearts in just a few years of her career.

    Geithner in her teenage used to live in Mexico and study painting and international public relations. Later she made her Film Debut in the movie The rose of the winds (1989) and attracted many other filmmakers.

    The most attractive thing about this woman is that even at this age, she doesn’t seem to be a bit older than 30.

    9. Carla Ossa

    This Ravishing Colombian Model, Carla Ossa (Born 28 June 1985) is known as one of the youngest models in Colombia. She started her Modeling at a very young age for children clothing and since then came a long way up to the top.

    When she returned to Modelling several years later in the adult modeling industry, She was represented by the  Elite Model Management and made a number of appearances on the front covers of magazines. Not only in Colombia, Ossa enjoyed her achievements Internationally as well, with different modeling Industries and became cover photos for many Fashion Magazines.

    She’s truly someone with a clear mind !! No one at that very young age could do something and make it a career.

    8. Danna García

    Dazzling Dana Garcia (Born 4 February 1978), a well known Colombian actress and model, or we should say a model turned actress. She is quite popular for her acting skills and is one of the highest paid actresses in Colombia.

    She gave up her Modeling Career in a very short span of time and started acting in Television Series. Garcia made her acting debut in 1987 in a series called Imagination and worked with many great actors after that.

    She has even been awarded several times for her acting skills and is even known to be the cutest face of Colombia.

    7. Zulay Henao

    The Marvelous creation of god, Zulay Henao (Born 29 May 1979), is a Colombian-American film and television actress who is very well known for her terrific acting skills, and sexy figure.

    She along with her family emigrated to New Jersey where Heano completed her High School and Joined the U.S. Army. After serving in the Army for nearly 3 years, she started making her career in the Film Industry and worked alongside many great actors in movies like Illegal Tender (2007), Fighting(2009), Takers (2010), Boy Wonder (2011) and many others.

    Beware of this charming woman guys, she can beat the hell out of you !!

    6. Lucia Aldana

    A beautiful woman is the one who never compares herself to others because what others have doesn’t make her feel insecure. Same is this Colombian Model, Lucia Aldana (Born 9 March 1992) holds the title of Miss Colombia 2012. Aldana represented Colombia at Miss Universe 2013 and was the last delegate from her country for the Miss Universe 1st Colombian drought.

    She is a total sum up of a woman with class and a human with a great heart. With her warm smile, she managed to reach Millions of hearts and became the dream of a lot of people.

    Beleive me a woman this beautiful should break her mirror early !!

    5. Catalina Otalvaro

    Simplicity and Sexiness, that’s what people want and so is this Colombian sensation Catalina Otalvaro (Born 15 December 1988). A Doll Face, Bikini Model, known for her charming personality and sexy curves is someone who has worked with magazines like Host, Don Juan, and Soho.

    She was also the cover photo of these magazines for a lot of editions and has already proved that Beauty and Sexiness are all about your personality, being genuine and confident. Being a model and a social media princess she has gained a massive internet fan following with more than 260,000 followers on her Instagram account alone. Could this be more amazing !!

    4. Elizabeth Loaiza

    What do we call a woman who is too good looking, sexy and knowledgeable as well? Yes, the only line for such woman is “Beauty with Brains” and Elizabeth Loaiza (Born 7 January 1989) is one of those Quick Witted and stunning women. She’s  a model, beauty pageant winner and helicopter pilot by profession.

    Starting her modeling career at the age of 4 she set a benchmark to the phrase “Beauty and talent know no age“. She won the whole world with her imperishable beauty and unquestionable knowledge.

    If we Talk about her Social Media Appearance, She is also known as the most popular Colombian Model with the highest number of Instagram and Twitter followers. Way to go Beautiful !!

    3. Daniela Tamayo

    Is there any award for the perfect body curves? If yes, Please present it to this Perfectionist Daniela Tamayo (Born 11 May 1988). Owner of one of the finest bodies in the whole world, this Hot Colombian woman does make your head turn twice.

    She is one of those hottest Models, who easily ruled a number of fashion shows and appeared on the cover photos of a lot of magazines. From being a Colombian beauty, she has started spreading her magic in Countries like the United States, Canada, and Russia as well.

    Thinking about a woman with a perfect body? If the answer is not her, then Who?

    2. Sandra Valencia

    The Steamy Sandra Valencia is one of the top models not only in Colombia but in Latin America as well. Known as the hottest Lingerie model in the industry, she has also been the face of Besame lingerie catalog and one of the models of Leonisa Fashion Week in Ecuador.

    Up till the age of 19, Sandra had already modeled at events with leading brands such as Diesel, Americanino, Leonisa, Chevignon, Onda de Mar, and many others.

    I know it sounds a bit corny, but I do think that beauty and sexiness come from within and this stunning beauty is someone with natural traits !!

    1. Shakira

    Acing this list and Acing our hearts, is this Astoundingly Amazing Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, and record producer Shakira (Born 2 February 1977). Even today there is no match for her Beauty and elegance. Her Beautiful Voice and Great Dancing skills are just complimentary traits for her sexy and charming looks.

    As said by Shakira herself, “In this life, to earn your place you have to fight for it“, because that is exactly what she did. In her school times, she began performing  Latin American, Arabic, and rock and roll influences and belly dancing followed by her first studio albums, Magia and Peligro in 1990. 

    She came into news back in 2002 for her lead single, “Whenever, Wherever” and later gave some back to back hits which includes Volumen Uno and Oral Fixation, Volume Two, Hips Don’t Lie, , She Wolf, “Can’t Remember to Forget You, Her official song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” and many others.

    Winner of numerous awards including  MTV Video Music Awards, 2 Grammy Awards, 13 Latin Grammy Awards, 7 Billboard Music Awards, and 33 Billboard Latin Music Awards, she became the most awarded and most praised personality in whole Colombia.

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    Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Of 2017

    Do you know What is Beauty? let me tell you the best and the shortest answer. “Beauty is Something that Begins at the moment you Decide to be yourself”. Beauty is not in the face but is in the heart, the personality and the attitude you carry. One can fake being a star but cannot fake a personality. There is a number of beautiful women on earth but the external beauty and internal beauty will age with time and all the other factors will keep the person beautiful forever.

    Numerous animals, places, things and persons on Earth are there that we can describe beauty with but, Alike Black Jaguar, one of the rarest animals on the Planet, like Bora Bora, the rarest Island of France on earth, true beauty is also very rare find. A Beautiful Women is just Opposite Of Perfection- It is About Confidence, Charisma, and Character. We all have met, seen and know many women but, if you are talking about the irresistible beauties of the World, Nothing Makes them more Sexy and hottest among others than the Belief that she is beautiful.

    Here’s a List of top Most Beautiful Women of 2017.

    10. Amanda Cerny

    For stylish Amanda Cerny, we can say “Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.” Her Vibrant Personality is what makes her one among the most beautiful women of the World. Amanda Cerny born June 26, 1991, is an American Model and a Famous Comedian. She is best known for her popular Vine Channels and her YouTube channels. She has more than 17 million followers on social networking sites.

    When Amanda was 15 years, she started her career as a Model. In 2011, she was featured in Playboy as a Playmate. She posts her comedy YouTube Videos, funny vines on Instagram, snapchat, facebook, and Twitter. In the year 2016, she started her career in acting. She gave her graceful appearance in movies like The Coach Who Clothed Them (2016), Internet Famous (2016), The Bet (2017), #Speedball (2017) and much more.

    9. Pixie Lott

    As said, “Personality is an unbroken series of Successful Gesture” and so is of Pixie Lott. The stunning Pixie Lott born 12 January 1991, is an English singer, songwriter and an actress. List of her Nominations is really never-ending. Some of her great achievements are; MP3 Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, Ultimate Women of the Year awards, Variety Club Awards, Virgin Music Media Awards. she was chosen one of the Sexiest women in the world by FHM.

    She started her successful singing career in December 2007, when she signed a Publishing Deal with Sony/ATV Music as a Songwriter. Two of her super hit albums Turn It Up (2009) and Young Foolish Happy (2014) also got top position in the UK singles chart. Her third UK number 1 hit as a lead single was “All About Tonight” in the year 2011. She has won infinite hearts with her tenderous Voice.

    8. Emilia Clarke

    Do you know any pretty lady on this earth who can make you dream with eyes Open? Let me tell you about one. Emilia Clarke born October 23, 1986, is an English actress. With just a single Smile and Quite a personality, she can grab all your attention. Emilia Clarke has got Fame after she did the HBO fantasy TV Series, “Games of Thrones”. Actress Emilia Clarke has received many awards like Three Emmy Awards, Two Critics Choice Television Awards. in the year 2014, she was voted the most desirable women in the world by AskMen readers.

    She has started her career in the year 2009, in a short film “Drop the Dogs”. Since then she is winning hearts with her different appearance in Movies and Television Series. In Addition to her beauty, her Smile Is the Most Beautiful Curve on her Sexy Body. Divine beauty Emilia Clarke’s two successful productions are Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Terminator Genisys.

    7. Emma Watson

    Emma Watson born 15 April 1990 is a very Calm and Chill actress. Her idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder. Beautiful Emma Watson has built herself a career playing women. She is popular for her role as Hermione in all the eight parts of Harry Potter film from the year 2001 to 2011. She is a winner of Leading Young Actress and Philosopher’s Stone for her best performance in Harry Potter.

    Attractive Emma Watson holds the twenty-sixth position in the list of Time Top 100 World’s most influential people. Apart from her interest in modeling and acting, she was also interested in studies. She divided her time to work on film projects and continuing her education. She completed her bachelor’s degree at Brown University in English Literature. In the year 2014, she was honored by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and also appointed as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and launched the UN Women Campaign HeForShe.

    6. Candice Swanepoel

    Candice Swanepoel is stunning South African Actress born 20 October 1988. Her personality has the Power to uplift, Power to depress, Power to curse and Power to Bless. She was ranked 8th on the Forbes Top-Earning Models List. You all may have heard about the famous Victoria’s Secret Model, that is no one other but gorgeous Candice Swanepoel. She is best known as Victoria’s Secret Model, 2007.

    Beautiful Candice Swanepoel has posed for editorials like Chinese and Maxican Vogue, German and South African Elle, German, Italian and much more. She is consistently securing her top position in the list of Sexiest And Beautiful Women of the world. She was #1 on Maxim’s “Hot 100 List”.

    5. Priyanka Chopra

    An Indian Actress, Singer, Producer Priyanka Chopra Born 18 July 1982, is former Miss World 2000. She has been voted as ‘Sexiest Asian Woman’ in the year 2015, by London-based Weekly, Eastern Eye. Her true beauty is reflected in her soul. Gorgeous Priyanka has received National Film Fare Award for the best actress. She is one among the highest paid actress in Indian Film Industry.

    She gave her stunning performance while starring as Alex Parrish on the ABC drama Quantico and became the first South Asian Woman who made her place in American network series. Since 2002, she has been appeared in many movies and amazed her fan with her mind-blowing performance.

    4. Jennifer Lopez

    The one who is Clothed in Strength and Dignity, and Laughs without Fear of the future is none other than beautiful Jennifer Lopez. An amazing American Singer, songwriter, Actress, Dancer, Fashion Designer, Author and Producer Jennifer Lopez born July 24, 1969, is a Multi-tasking superstar. She is an honor of fearless but neutral personality.

    Jennifer Lopez has shown her flawless moves as a Fly Girl Dancer on “In Living Color” in the year 1991. She has received Golden Globe Nomination for her first film debut “Selena” in the year 1997. She is still one among the highest paid actress in Hollywood because of her dedication and talent.

    3. Amber Heard

    Amber heard born April 22, 1986, is hottest and sexiest women of all time. For Amber Heard, “Your Personality Is What Makes You Sexy” is perfect lines anyone can conclude her with. She is a beautiful American actress who always amazed people with her Stunning looks. Some of her great achievements for her work are Breakthrough of the year (2008), Best Ensemble (2010), Dallas Star Award (2010), Spotlight Award (2011).

    Excel Amber Heard started her career in the year 2004, in a small music album with her small appearance “There Goes My Life” and “I was Prepared”. Her first leading role was in the movie “Boys Love Mandy Lane.” She got the fame and following after her appearance in “Never Back Down.” Some of her successful movies are The Stepfather, The Informers, Pineapple Express and much more.

    2. Dakota Johnson

    An American actress and Model Dakota Johnson born October 4, 1989, is a Girl with Mind, Woman with Attitude and a Lady with Class. What makes her more Glamorous is her personality from within. The most seductive thing she has is her Eyes and she doesn’t need to broadcast anything to prove that she is the cutest, simplest and an amazing woman.

    She has received recognition for her lead role as Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Gray and then again surprised everyone in a sequel to Fifty Shades Of Gray called Fifty Shades Darker. She has received People’s choice awards for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress and also BAFTA Rising Star award nomination. Her beauty is something that reflects from her eyes.

    1. Deepika Padukone

    Is it just me who is crazy for Deepika Padukone’s Beautiful Smile, Maybe Not. An Indian actress Deepika Padukone born 5 January 1986, can make everyone fall in love with just a glimpse of Her smile. Glamorous Deepika Padukone is one of the highest paid actresses in Indian film industry. You will probably have an obsession with Deepika’s Personality. Her perfection can serve you well.

    With her first debut ‘Aishwarya’ in the year 2006, she started her acting career and she is still giving her amazing Performance every year. She has established herself as a leading and popular actress not just in Bollywood but has successfully entered in Hollywood with her first Hollywood debut ‘XXX’. Deepika is also Brand Ambassador for many brands such as; Pepsi, Tissot, Maybelline and more.


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    Top 10 Most Beautiful Women of 2016

    “The World is a Book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. Alike this phrase, The world is full of infinite things to know about, which can blow your mind and win your heart. The most wonderful gift of God to this world are beautiful Women, as an angel on earth.

    A women’s greatest asset is her beauty. There are so many beautiful women in the world, from different industries, the world always takes notice when a beautiful woman is in front of them. The sexier the women are, the more attention she gains around the world. It’s not that women are the beauty icons of the world but Beauty icons are women whose images are self-created.

    Here is a list of top most beautiful women of the world in 2016.


    10. Taylor Swift

    Beautiful Taylor Swift born December 13, 1989, a very popular singer and songwriter holds the tenth position in the list of top 10 most beautiful women of 2016. What makes her more adorable and popular is, her songs narrate her personal experiences. She has received numerous awards and trusts me, the list is so long and will go on with years. She is an honor of Seven Grammy Awards, sixteen American Music Award, Eleven Country Music Association Awards, One Brit Award and much more. Swift was named Billboards’s Woman Of the year, in the year 2011.

    When she was 16 years old, gorgeous Taylor Swift released her first album in the year 2006. By the end of 2015, Taylor Swift has sold more than 40 million albums, 130 million single downloads and became one of the top five music artists with highest sales. Her most loved release of 2016 was with Zayn Malik called “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” for the soundtrack of film Fifty Shades Darker, which was ranked no. 1 in Sweden and no. 2 in the US. They won the MTV Music Award for Best Collaboration for its music video.

    9. Emilia Clarke

    Born on October 23, 1986, the Beautiful Emilia Clarke is an English Actress. Emilia Clarke holds the ninth position in the list of top 10 women. Emilia Clarke is one of the Star of very Famous HBO fantasy TV Series, “Game of Thrones”.  The Elegant actress Emilia Clarke is an honor of three Emmy Awards for outstanding supporting Actress in Drama Series, and two Critics Choice Television Awards. By AskMen readers in the year 2014, she was voted the Most Desirable Women In the World.

    Emilia Clarke has also Won Many hearts with her Killer Looks and Friendly Attitude, and trust me, friends, this is the deadliest combination women can have within her. She started her career in the year 2009, in a short film “Drop the Dogs”. Since then, she has been appeared in many different Movies and Television Series and giving amazing performances to the world.

    8. Scarlett Johansson

    You may have heard “Grace in Women Has More Effect Then Beauty”, but in Scarlett Johansson, you can see this for real. Graceful Scarlett born on November 22, 1984, is an American Actress and Singer. She is one of the highest paid actresses in the world just because of her pleasing beauty and talent. Beautiful Scarlett Johansson is a winner of several awards such as; Golden Globe Awards, Film Critic Awards, British Film Academy Film Awards.

    With her first movie Manny & Lo, alongside Aleksa Palladino in the year 1996, Scarlett started her career. In the year 1998, she gave the amazing performance in the film The Horse Whisper and before that, she gave some graceful performances and appeared in minor roles in movies like Fall, Home Alone 3. She gave her debut album Anywhere I Lay My Head in 2008, Break Up in 2009 and much more. In 2015, she formed a band called the Singles.

    7. Amber Heard

    If you say “The last thing left in nature is a beauty of Women” then this is for Amber Heard for sure. Born April 22, 1986, Amber Heard is hottest and sexiest woman of All Time. The Stylish American Actress Amber Heard is often in the Magazine’s list of most beautiful and Sexiest Women. She has won many awards for her work such as; Breakthrough of the year (2008), Best Ensemble(2010), Dallas Star Award(2010), Spotlight Award(2011).

    She started her career in the year 2004, with her appearance in small music album “There Goes My Life” and “I Wasn’t Prepared”. In further years, she did many small supporting roles in several feature films, such as; Drop Dead Sexy(2005), Price to Pay(2006), You are Here(2006). She became popular after her appearance in “Never Back Down” and “Pineapple Express”.

    6. Priyanka Chopra


    The former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra born 18 July 1982, is amongst the most beautiful women of the world once again. In the year 2015, stunning Priyanka Chopra has been Voted as the ‘Sexiest Asian Woman’ by London-based Weekly, Eastern Eye. She is one of the highest paid actresses in Indian film industry. She is a sensational performer in the Bollywood and has won many awards such as; National Film Fare for Best Actress and much More.

    She has appeared in her first film debut Hamraaz in the year 2002. Further, she gave many stunning performances in many movies like Bluffmaster! , Blackmail, Krrish, and much more. She signed WorldWide recording agreement with DesiHits, in the year 2011. She became the first South Asian woman to Headline an American network series when she began starring as Alex Parrish on the ABC drama Quantico.

    5. Jennifer Lopez

    The definition of a beautiful woman starts with Jennifer Lopez. The attractive Jennifer Lopez born July 24, 1969, is an Amazing American Singer, Actress, Dancer, Fashion designer, Author, Producer. She always dreamed of being a multi-tasking superstar and so she became.

    In the year 1991, Jennifer Lopez has appeared as a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color. Further, in the year 1993, she decided to pursue her career in acting. In the year 1997, she made her first debut as lead actress in film Selena.  For this film, she has received a Golden Globe Nomination. Later, she went on to star In the Adventure Horror Anaconda in the year 1997, and the crime Comedy out of Sight In 1998. She became the highest paid actress of Hollywood in further years with all her wonderful work.

    4. Emma Watson

    “I don’t want the fear of failure to stop me from doing what I really care about.” This is not just a quote, but these are Emma’s words from a June 2011 feature in Vogue. Beautiful Emma Watson born 15 April 1990 is a Harry Potter Fame Actress and model. Emma Watson has built herself a career playing clever women. As Hermione Granger, she dedicatedly performed in all the eight Harry Potter films from 2001 to 2011 and earned World Wide fame. In 2002, she won the Best Performance Award for Leading Young Actress in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

    Other than Harry Potter, beautiful Emma Watson gave her voice to The Tale of Despereaux in 2008 and also appeared in 2007 Television adaptation of the novel Ballet Shoes. Gorgeous Emma Watson holds the twenty-sixth position in the list of Time top 100 World’s most influential people.

    3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

    Winner of the Miss World 1994 pageant Aishwarya Rai Bachchan born 1 November 1973 is a beautiful Actress and Model. She has established herself as one of the most popular and influential celebrities in India with her talent and skills. Magnificient Aishwarya Rai has received numerous Awards such as; two Filmfare Awards and Padma Shri by Government of India in the year 2009. She was also the first Indian actress to be a jury member at the Cannes Film Festival, in the year 2003.

    She started her career in the year 1997 with her first debut film Iruvar. The romantic drama Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam in the year 1999 was the significant turning point in her career. Further, she gave her graceful breath-taking performances in many movies. Some of her popular roles are in movies Taal, Jodha Akbar, Mohabbatein. There’s a real Beauty in her Eyes that can Blow your Mind away.

    2. Deepika Padukone


    Deepika Padukone born 5 January 1986 is a flawless actress of Bollywood. Glamorous Deepika is someone who can make you skip a Beat with just a glimpse of her beauty but he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose. You will fall for Her smile, again and again, Every Single time you see her smiling. Deepika is one of the highest paid Indian actress and one of the most popular and attractive personalities. Stunning Deepika is also a Brand Ambassador for many brand and products including Vogue eyewear, Maybelline, Pepsi, Tissot and much more.

    In the year 2006, she started her acting career with her First debut “Aishwarya” a Kannada Film. She worked hard for many years and amazed people with her brilliant performances and by the start of 2013, Deepika has established herself as a leading actress. Her some of the top grossing movies are Love Aaj Kal, Cocktail, Housefull and much more.

    1. Candice Swanepoel

    The words that enlighten your soul are more precious than jewel and so is Candice Swanepoel. The beauty queen Candice can enlighten your Soul. This stunning South African Actress born 20 October 1988, holds the first position in the list of top most beautiful women of the world. She is best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret Model, in 2007. She was #1 on Maxim’s “Hot 100 List.”

    Candice has appeared in many editorials like; American, Italian, German, Chinese and Maxican Vogue, German and South African Elle and much more. She is Consistently ranking high on the sexiest lists and most beautiful lists of the World.

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    Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Over 40

    It said that age is just a number and natural beauty doesn’t age with time. We must have thought, that does beauty exist even after the age of 40? Well, the answer to this Question is yes. Even after the age of 40, women with natural beauty are still the same as they were in their Mid-Thirties.

    This list of the most beautiful women over 40, includes women all over the world who have not aged since past 12 years, In fact, they are the one who is getting even more gorgeous with time.

    Let’s have a look at these Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Over 40.

    10. Leslie Mann

    Leslie Mann (Born 26 March 1972) a very Charming American actress and comedian, known for roles in comedic films such as  The Cable Guy (1996), George of the Jungle (1997),  The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) and several others.

    She began her career at the age of 18 appearing in a number of television commercials which later helped her gain attention and led to her film debut in The Cable Guy in 1996. She worked alongside many comedians like Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and others.

    Her beautiful glowing skin and Deep eyes are something which helps her maintain her place in this list.

    9. Helen Mirren

    The glamorous Dame Helen Lydia Mirren (Born 26 July 1945) an English actor who has taken the world with her beautiful smile and stunning looks.

    Helen always had a keen interest in acting and worked in many high school productions as well. Further, she worked in many other plays and movies leading her way up to the Broadway.

    Even today, at the age of 72 she doesn’t fail to give a tuff competition to the glamour world. Could this be more amazing !!

    8. Cameron Diaz


    Cameron Michelle Diaz (born 30 August 1972) an American actress, comedian, producer, author and former fashion model known mostly for her hilarious roles in movies.

    Starting her modeling career at the age of 16, she did set a benchmark to the Quote “Talent knows no age“. After performing well in her Debut contracts she even got a chance to work for Brands like Calvin Klein and Levi’s. Further, she also gave some great performances in movies like The Mask, Bad Teacher, Gangs of New York, and many others.

    Today even after crossing the age of 40, she doesn’t even hesitate to wet a white Bikini. True That !!

    7. Jennifer Lopez

    The Stunning Jennifer Lynn Lopez (born 24 July 1969), a.k.a. J.Lo popular for her Beautiful Voice, acting skills, dancing and even as a Fashion Designer. She does fall into the category of a Multitalented Beauty.

    J.Lo appeared as a Fly Girl dancer on an American TV Series In Living Color. Later she did her Hollywood debut in the movie Selena (1997) for which she received a Golden Globe nomination and became the first Latin actress to earn over US$1 million for a film.

    In 1999, giving a successful a Debut Music Album, she became the Queen of Hollywood and later gave a lot of  Box Office and Music Hits which indeed won every heart of the world.

    6. Angelina Jolie

    The Heaven’s Beauty Angelina Jolie (Born 4 June 1975). The first thing that comes to our mind when hearing her name is – The Marvelous Creation of God. Isn’t she?

    Well known for her acting and filmmaking skills, she is also a humanitarian. Starting her career as a child artist, today she is one of the highest paid women in the whole Hollywood Industry.

    She did give some great movies like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Salt, Wanted and much more, for which she bagged many awards including Screen Actors Guild Awards and  Golden Globe Awards.

    Even after being born in 1975, she doesn’t seem to be a single day older than 25.

    5. Penelope Cruz


    Penelope Cruz Sanchez (Born 28 April 1974) a Spanish actress and model started her career at the age of 15, her acting debut at 16 on television and her feature film debut the following year in Jamón Jamón (1992).

    With her professionalism and sexy looks, she got a lot of recognition which later gained her work in films like Waking Up In Reno (2002), Gothika (2003), Sahara (2005), and many others. She even received some nominations and awards like Golden Globe and Academy Awards.

    This Fascinating woman has also modeled for  Mango, Ralph Lauren, and L’Oréal. She is truly a goddess on Earth !!

    4. Jennifer Aniston

    The F.R.I.E.N.D.S. T.V series fame Jennifer Aniston (Born 11 February 1969) is one of the most appealing and glamorous personalities of the Hollywood. She works as an actress, a producer and is even a Businesswomen. Working alongside many great actors, she became one of the most popular artists ever known.

    Jennifer gained worldwide recognition for portraying Rachel Green on the television sitcom Friends (1994–2004), a role which earned her a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

    She does have a creative touch in her, doesn’t she !!

    3. Monica Bellucci

    This Charismatic beauty Monica Bellucci (born 30 September 1964) is an exquisite Italian Actress and Fashion Model. Her appealing beauty is something that makes your head turn around at least for once.

    Starting her modeling career in 1977, Monica got a lot of attention which helped her in her film Debut later in 1990. Her sharp and classic Beauty was shown excellently in her poses for Dolce & Gabbana and French Elle.

    Today even after crossing the age of 40, she still looks ravishing and stunning as always.

    2. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (born on November 1, 1973), an Actress, model, winner of the Miss World 1994 pageant and yes the mother of one Cute baby girl.

    Some of her finest works include Taal, Jodha Akbar, Devdas, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Dhoom 2 and others for which she was awarded, by the Filmfare Awards and also a national award Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2009.

    By her Striking Beauty, she truly holds the capability to make any women Jealous.

    1. Madhuri Dixit Nene

    Madhuri Dixit (born 15 May 1967) is one of those admirable women who even at this age is gaining beauty day by day. Her Graceful looks and appealing beauty are the attributes which gained her this position.

    It is said that a Perfect Body will age but classic women will be the same. Madhuri Dixit is one of those classic women who doesn’t only look beautiful but is someone who is gaining beauty day by day. Even after being a mother to 2 adorable kids, she doesn’t seems to age a bit.

    She is Indeed the Queen of the Castle !!


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    Top 10 Most Beautiful Women of 2015

    For beauty, is God’s handwriting, Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything Beautiful. “Beauty is Power; a Smile is its Sword” is one of the best lines we can Understand Beauty With. The best part of beauty is always hidden which no picture can express. The most beautiful things in the world are never seen and touched but are Felt, Beauty is one of those things.

    Women are God’s Creation and beautiful woman is brighter than the Stars of Heaven, and the influence of her power, it is in vain to resist. The highest prize in this world, full of infinite things is the most beautiful women. In this Era of Beauty, we have listed top 13 beautiful women of the world in 2015.

    10. Doutzen Kroes


    This irresistible Beauty Doutzen Kroes born January 23, 1985, is a Dutch-Frisian Model and Actress. “ When I Look Into Your Eyes, I Tend To Lose my Thoughts” are the best lines one can define her with. Her Blue arresting Eyes are the Supplement to her beauty. In the year 2007, she won “Model of the Year” on Vogue.com by readers.

    She started her acting career in the year 2011 in her first debut Nova zembla, the first Dutch 3D Film. Kroes is in the Official Frisian Provincial Campaign For the Frisian language. She was the newest Victoria’s Secret Angel confirmed by Victoria’s Secret to People Magazine, at the end of 2008.


    9. Keira Knightley


    Pretty Keira Knightley born March 26, 1985, is popular Actress holds the ninth position in the list of most beautiful women. Keira Knightley is the recipient of Awards such as; Academy Award for Best Actress, Golden Globe Award for best actress many times. She’s famous actress for movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of Black Pearl, King Arthur and much more.

    She started her career with small television roles in the year 1993. Her first on-screen appearance was in film Royal Celebration. She then played many roles in television films through the mid-to-late 90’s including Innocent Lies, Coming Home, Oliver Twist etc. her first major role was in the year 2001, for Walt Disney Production feature Film Princess of Thieves. Further, she gave many stunning performances and became the popular actress in Hollywood.


    8. Priyanka Chopra


    Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra, a beautiful Indian Actress, Singer and Film Producer born 18 July 1982. She is one of the most popular and high-profile Celebrities and one of the highest paid Bollywood actresses. She has received numerous awards such as; National Film Fare for Best Actress and much more.

    After Winning Miss World, she has appeared in her first film debut Hamraaz in the year 2002. Further, she amazed people with her stunning performances in movies like Krrish, Bluffmaster! , Blackmail, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and much more. Priyanka won many hearts not just for her acting but also with her Voice. She sang many songs for her movies and also gave live Television Performance. In the year 2011, she signed WorldWide recording agreement with DesiHits.

    7. Taylor Swift


    An American singer-songwriter, beautiful Taylor Swift born December 13, 1989, hold no. 7 in the list of top 13 most beautiful women of 2015. Her songs narrate her personal experiences, and this is what she is known for. She has received many awards and honors such as; 16 American  Music Award, 11 Country Music Association Awards, 7 Grammy Awards, one Brit Award and much more. In the year 2011, Swift was named Billboard’s Woman of the year.

    Gorgeous Taylor Swift released her first Album in The year 2006 when she was 16. She has been honored by the Nashville Songwriters Association and Hall of Fame as a songwriter. By the start of 2015, Swift had sold over 40 million albums, 130 million single downloads and became one of the top five music artists with highest Sales.


    6. Angelina Jolie


    The most delightful and Angelic face of Hollywood belongs to Angelina Jolie. Beautiful Angelina born June 4, 1975, is an American Actress, filmmaker, and activist. She own’s many awards like Academy award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards. She became popular with her title role in the “Lara Croft” and many blockbuster movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Wanted, Maleficent and much more.

    At the age of 16, Jolie started acting professionally. She also appeared in several music videos namely Lenny Kravitz’s, “Stand by my woman”, Antonello Venditti’s “ Alta Marea”, “ it’s all about time”, “ Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through”. On August 23, 2014, Angelina married to Brad Pitt, her longtime boyfriend and became the most glamorous couple in Hollywood.


    5. Scarlett Johansson


    Scarlett Johansson born November 22, 1984, is one of the most beautiful faces of Hollywood. She is an American actress and singer. Currently, she is the Highest-paid actress in the world. This most pleasing and talented actress of Hollywood is the winner of several awards such as; British Academy Film Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Film Critic Awards.

    Scarlett started her career in the year 1996, with her first movie Manny & Lo alongside Aleksa Palladino. She gave some graceful performance while appearing in minor roles in Fall and Home Alone 3, later, she garnered wider attention for her performance in the film The Horse Whisperer in 1998. Further, she has appeared in many movies and gave unbeatable performances. Apart from her acting, she also gave much super track summertime in 2006. In 2008 she gave her debut album Anywhere I Lay My Head and much more.


    4. Deepika Padukone


    Deepika Padukone, one of the highest paid actress in Indian film industry holds the fourth position in the list. Glamorous Deepika Padukone born 5 January 1986, is also featured in the listing of nation’s most popular and attractive personalities. She was awarded her First Film Fare for Best Actress in 2013 for her Film Ram-Leela. Breathtaking Padukone is a brand ambassador for many brand and products including Tissot. Vogue Eyewear, Maybelline, Pepsi and much more.

    Deepika is best known For her Smile. One can Definitely end-up say  “ Because of Your Smile, You Make World Beautiful”. She started Her Career in The year 2006, with her first Debut “Aishwarya” a Kannada Film and by the year 2013, Deepika has Established Herself as a leading actress of Hindi cinema giving mind-blowing performances in several Movies. Her most popular appearance are in Om Shanti Om, Housefull, Ram-Leela. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Cocktail and much more. Deepika Is No Doubt Everyone’s Love and Most Adorable Beauty of India.


    3. Emma Watson


    Harry Potter fame actress Emma Watson holds the third rank in the list of most beautiful women of 2015. This beauty queen born on 15 April 1990 in Paris is a British actress, model, and activist. She Dedicatedly performed in all the eight Harry Potter films from 2001 to 2011 and earned World Wide fame, critical accolades. In 2002, she won the Best Performance Award for Leading Young Actress in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

    Emma Watson holds the twenty-sixth position in the list of TIME top 100 world’s most influential people.  Other then Harry Potter, beautiful Emma Watson gave her voice to The Tale of Despereaux in 2008 and also appeared in 2007 Television adaptation of the novel Ballet Shoes. She did many starring and supportive roles like My Week with Marilyn(2011), the Perks of being a Wallflower(2012).


    2. Candice Swanepoel


    This South African Beauty born 20 October 1988, holds the second position in the list of top 10 beautiful women of the world. Candice Swanepoel is a popular Model of South Africa, best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret in 2007.

    “ Beauty of the woman is seen in her Eyes” describes her blue Eyes and beauty at it’s best. Stunning Candice has appeared in many editorials like; American, Italian, British, Spanish, German, Chinese and Maxican Vogue, German and South African Elle and much more. She also flaunted her Beauty on Runway for brands like Fendi, Tommy Hilfiger, Dior, Dolce, and Gabbana.


    1. Jennifer Lopez


    In the list of top 13 most beautiful women, Jennifer Lopez occupies the first position. Beautiful Jennifer Lopez born (July 24, 1969) in The Bronx, New York, U.S. She always dreamed of being a multi-tasking superstar and so she is. She is an American singer, actress, dancer and fashion designer, author, producer.

    Lopez appeared as a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color, in the year 1991. Later, in the year 1993, she decided to pursue her career in acting. Her first leading role was in film Selena in the year 1997, which was the biopic of Selena and received a Golden Globe Nomination. Further in 1997, she went on to star In the Adventure horror Anaconda and the crime comedy Out of Sight in 1998. With all her wonderful work, this most beautiful woman became the highest Paid actress in Hollywood.








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    Top 10 Most Beautiful French Women.

    Europe’s Largest and most Beautiful country France is best known for its language and city of love. From having the world’s oldest ever living human to being the world’s most visited country, there’s always more to know about this Romantic place. It is also known that France is the land of Most Beautiful Women across the world.These Beautiful French women are the owner of some of the best body figures, smiles and even voice.

    There are plenty of French women who are leading the Glamour World which makes it much more difficult to rank these Beauties. So let’s move forward and check out the Top 10 Most Beautiful French Women.

    10. Marion Cotillard

    Most admirable working woman of Hollywood Marion Cotillard (born 30 September 1975) is French actress, singer-songwriter, musician, environmentalist and spokesperson for Greenpeace. This Glamorous beauty has received many awards such as Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award, two Cesar Awards, a European Award.

    She started her career at a very early age with small appearances and performances in theatre and minor roles in television series such as Highlander. Her career as a film actress began in the mid-1990 with minor roles in films like Philippe Harel’s and later made her Debut at the age of 18, in Arnaud Desplechin’s.

    She earned an Oscar for her portrayal of French singer Edith Piaf in the biopic La Vie en Rose (2007) for Best Actress. Marion Cotillard is indeed a magnificent actress as she makes every character she plays even more lovable and memorable by her Beauty.

    9. Berenice Marlohe

    Born 19 may, 1979 Berenice Marlohe is a French Actress, Model and the winner of many hearts. Her famous appearance was in the twenty-third film of most loved Star James Bond “SKYFALL” as anti-heroine Bond Girl ‘Severine’. Gorgeous Berenice Marlohe is also the brand ambassador for Omega Watches.

    She started her Career in the year 2007 in a short film titled La discordance. Later she appeared In many TV series like Pas de secrets entre nous (2008), Femmes de Loi (2008), R.I.S, police Scientifique (2009), Pere et Maire (2009). Further in the year 2015, Smashing Berenice Marlohe was starred in film 5 to 7  and recently appeared in the 2017 film Song to Song alongside Ryan Gosling, Natalie Portman, and Rooney.

    Is it really hot in here or is it just you !!

    8. Malika Menard

    “Beauty is Power, a Smile is its Sword” is maybe the best-said quote for Malika Menard (born 14 July 1987). She is a Beauty Queen, TV host and a French journalist. Malika also won the title of Miss Calvados 2009, Miss Normandy 2009 and Miss France 2010 on 5 December 2009, and became 80th miss France. Her alluring Blue Eyes are the powerful weapon of her Beauty.

    In 2011, she has appeared on the popular TV show Paris all inclusive and later in the year 2012, she became official Host of the Program Virginie de Clausade being part of TF1. She worked as a hostess at the Michel-d’Ornano stadium, Malherbe stadium in Caen and was also the part of the jury of Miss France 2017 Election. In further years, she made many great and grand appearances in popular TV shows.

    Maybe God has taken the color out from the ocean and put it into your eyes !!

    7. Roxane Mesquida

    Roxane Mesquida Born 1 October 1981 is an Astonishing French Actress and Model. With the most adorable face in the whole French Film Industry, she is ruling the hearts of many people.

    At the age of 16, she was noticed by Elite Model Management and started her career as a Model. Since then Mesquida has worked with many renowned photographers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Ellen von Unwerth, and Her Style has been praised by many Fashion magazines around the world, such as Vogue, French Vogue, etc.

    Roxane is really God gifted with not only appealing Smile and Winning Beauty But also with great Talented Mind.

    6. Valerie Begue

    One can easily fall in love with those beautiful Eyes of Valeria Begue. This good-looking woman Valeria Begue (Born 20 September 1985) is a Famous French Actress and Television Presenter. Her charming Smile And Hazel Eyes made her Miss Meeting in the year 2006. And then Later in The year 2007, She owned the title of Miss France and Became 78th Miss France.

    Further, in the year 2013, she won Talent show National League Against Cancer presented by Karine Le Marchand on M6. Later, She worked in many popular TV shows which helped her achieve many Awards. Soon Valeria Begue became one of the very popular faces of French television Industry. She is a French Beauty hard to resist.

    5. Rachel Legrain- Trapani

    Rachel Legrain (born 31 August 1988), the winner of the title of Miss France 2007 is someone who has taken the world by her smile. She has also won the Title of “France Beauty Pageant” and is still known to be the most stunning women alive.

    Rachel is Beautiful Brown Woman with very Appealing Appearance. There is no more information available about her on the internet, but Her picture says enough to include her in Top Most Beautiful France Woman on Earth.

    4. Elodie Frege

    The beautiful Elodia Frege is an Amazing Singer and Song-writer born 15 February 1982. This stunning woman is a winner of Star Academy France, Season 3, in the year 2003. Like her melodious Voice, her Beauty is also remarkable.

    She has successfully released four Album and then began her career as an actress in film “Potiche Francois Ozon” in the year 2010.

    She was also one of the jury members of the 11th season of the show “Nouvelle Star” In the year 2015. She is not just a proud owner of incredible Voice and Stunning beauty but also a great Dancer and Guitarist.

    3. Constance Jablonski

    Gorgeous Constance is a one of the most popular and successful French supermodel Born 17 April 1991. This Beautiful Woman entered the “French Elite Model Look” Contest in 2006 and by 2010, she became one of the new Popular faces of Estee Lauder alongside Liu Wen and Joan Smalls.

    Constance is very attractive and glamorous Women of the French Modelling Industry. Her Beautiful Blue Eyes are marvelous. She has walked and posed for the runways of New York, Paris, Milan, and London.In January 2016, She was ranked 11th on the Top 50 Models Women List by models.com. Breathtaking Jablonski is also listed both in Industry Icons and The Money Girls rankings by models.com

    She is really killing people with her looks !!

    2. Eva Green

    The gorgeous Eva Gaelle Green (born 6 July 1980) is a French actress and model. She has an irresistibly lovable personality. In the year 2007, she has achieved BAFTA Rising Star Award, and Best Female Newcomer.

    Eva Green is one of the most Beautiful, Gorgeous, Talented and the most Sexiest Woman of the world.  It Is Said that the Green Eyes of this Beautiful Woman Eva Green is the additional accessory to her Beauty.

    The popular Green has started her career in theatre before making her film debut in 2003 in Bernardo Bertolucci’s film The Dreamers. In the year 2006, She has played a beautiful and seductive Bond girl in Casino Royale.

    1. Laetitia Casta

    Laetitia Marie Laure Casta (born 11 May 1978) acing the list of the most Beautiful French Women is an actress and a model. This Super Woman has become a “GUESS? Girl” in 1993 and gained further recognition as a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 1998 to 2000. In 2001, Laetitia Casta Ranked No. 1 Top 50 Most Beautiful Women by Askmen.com. She was also awarded “Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres” by the France minister of Culture and of Communication in 2012.

    Attractive Laetitia Casta has appeared on over 100 covers of such popular magazines as Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle, and Glamour. She has posed for many popular designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, J. Crew, Louis Vuitton and Vivienne Westwood.

    Laetitia Casta has started her career at the age of 15 when she was discovered by the photographer Frederic Cresseaux, during a family holiday.


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