10 Most Expensive Shoes for Women in the World

When it comes to Women Fashion, It’s about anything and everything you can add to the list. Women are the most versatile character in the world. Moreover, if we talk about there choices and preferences, as a matter of fact, they are the most difficult character that you could know. Apart from Expensive Jewelleries, Clothing, Make-ups, Perfumes, a Female spend most of their money on shoes.

Marilyn Monroe once added, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Cinderella is a Proof that pair of Shoes can Change a Girl’s Life. There are some of these outrageously expensive sandals over the world frequently spotted on the Red carpet of Hollywood and even the boardrooms. While watching those shoes in Television, We all always think of how much exactly, are these collections worth? You will Probably be going crazy knowing the worth of these costly shoes.

Let’s catch the most expensive shoes for women in the World.

Rita Hayworth Heels by Stuart Weitzman

Price: $30,00,000

$30,00,000 is what you need to spend for this expensive shoe. Yeah!, you heard me right. This is the real value of this pair of shoes. The value comes from the combination of Rubies, diamonds and other gemstones. All these put together at the tip of the pair. Late Rita Hayworth was the owner of these shoes designed by Stuart Weitzman. Her Daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan is now owner of these pair of shoes

Stuart Weitzman

Price: $22,00,000

Again one of the most expensive pairs of shoes belongs to Stuart Weitzman. This piece is made in platinum, featuring 565 Kwiat diamonds. The perfect slipper features an incredibly rare 5-carat amaretto diamond which by itself is value at more than 1 million. Alison Krauss was the owner of this amazing slippers and wear them at 2004 Oscar.

Tanzanite Heels- Stuart Weitzman & Eddie le Vian

Price: $20,00,000

Another shoe in the list of most expensive shoes in the world belongs to Stuart Weitzman & Eddie Vian. These heels are made in collaboration with an amazing Jewelry designer Eddie Le Vian. The Straps of this pair is made of 28 carats of diamonds, bordering 185 carats of bright blue tanzanite gemstones. This look is nothing less than a breath-taking neckless.

The Wizard of Oz Original Ruby Shoes

Price: $ 6,12,000

Here is another superb design from the list of top most expensive shoes in the world. Wizard of Oz is an all-time big Hit. Four of the pair of Ruby shoes were there in the movie. These pair of shoes are made of silver and for the movie, They are changed to ruby red to show up more vividly. $1 million was the Ruby cost and these slippers own their glitter in burgundy sequins.

Manolo Blahnik

Price: $4,600

While everyone was busy in making new designs, Manolo Blahnik took his heart out for this shoes. Popular Manolo Blahnik, who was once against the fashion norms gave the most expensive shoes to the world. Kristen Stewart aka Bella Swan in Twilight Saga wore these pair of shoes. Trust Me, These are the Perfect Shoes with fairy-tale flourish shimmery crystals. You just can’t wait to find reasons to wear them as often as possible.

Lang Glitter Sandal- Jimmy Choo

Price: Rs55,500

Jimmy Choo brand shoes are the favorite of Hollywood industry. His shoes secure one of the top positions in the list of most expansive shoes in the world. While walking on red carpet most of the actress loves to style with this brand. These High heel Stiletto shoes are one of the popular shoes of Jimmy Choo. This pair of sandal has Serpentine cage straps glitter subtly from a square-heeled evening sandal that’s wind seductively above the ankle.

Alexander Mcqueen

Price: $ 1519

Medieval Embroidered Horn Heel Bootie is one among the most expensive shoes in the world. Alexander McQueen has designed these shoes on a Leather Sole. Moreover, With this eccentric design, McQueen gained popularity quickly. This pair of heels offers you Black Super Soft cashmere suede ankle bootie with multicolor embroidery and lace tie closure. You can style up and fold down The cuff of the heals.

Cinderella Shoe- Stuart Weitzman

Price: $3500

Stuart Weitzman designs the collection of real-life Cinderella shoes Uniquely When we were lost in the imagination of Cinderella’s story of shoes. Nine designers together designed this pair of shoes and Weitzman was one of them. This creation is less a glass slipper and more the world’s most magical ankle bootie. The new version of Cinderella’s shoes is one among the most expensive shoes in the world. This heel contains over 3,000 Swarovski crystals.

Miu Miu

Price: Around $500

In the list of most expensive shoes of the world, Miu Miu is quite an obvious answer. Miuccia Prada needs no introduction to anyone. While everyone was thinking about Minimalistic, elegant designs, In the same way, Miu Miu came up with some rebellious, loud, and eclectic shoes to the fashion industry. These Bold shoes are full of Luxury and feminism Befitting the Granddaughter of Mario Parda. The shoes from Miu Miu are something that people will definitely fall in love with them.

Brian Atwood

Price: $600 around

We compliment most of the women by saying “Beauty with Brains”. Mr. Brian Atwood, Not only The hot Man But also a brilliant designer also deserves something equally like this. Brian Atwood has a flagship store on Madison Avenue and is the owner of one of the most luxury Brand. His Shoes is definitely on the list of most expensive shoes in the world. Atwood’s designs have everything you need for Class, Simplicity, Luxury, Looks, And everything. His high-end Boots can be a perfect match for your perfect evening.

This was the list of Most Expensive Shoes around the world. To All the pretty Ladies out there, Chase your Dreams, In High Heels od course. Never Underestimate the power of High Heels and Red Lipstick. These are the brands across the world which will let you live your dreams and walk confidently in your shoes, Nothing else matters. Moreover, On the top of all, Self-Confidence is the best Outfit.


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