10 Hottest Best Pakistani Female News Anchors


Pakistani Girls names are developed over time. Pakistan is walking with the world and in fact giving tough competition to everyone. There is a massive improvement over the decades in every sector. When there was the time when women were not allowed to go out without there patent dress Burka. But now even these hot Pakistani girls are ruling the world with there extreme beauty and talent. These Pakistani Anchors are incomparable in terms of their performance and Hard work. Pakistani Female Anchors are the best you need to know about today.

Talk about Movies or daily Soaps Pakistani girls names are everywhere. Apart from the acting industry, These hot Pakistani girls are the famous news anchors. These Girls who define Glamorous have made their names in the media field as well. Hottest news anchors are for sure these Pakistani hot anchor. Check out Geo News Anchors Pakistan or Dunya News Anchors, all you will say is, Pakistani anchors are just mind Blowing.

Let’s Have a Look at 10 Hottest best Pakistani female news anchors.

10. Quratulain Hassan

Hottest news reporter pakistani anchors
Quratulain Hassan

With massive viewership across the world, Quratulain Hassan is the most popular Pakistani News Anchor. Famous news anchors around the world, she is best known for her extremely beautiful and simple reading skills and her natural Beauty. You may have heard many female news anchors but this sexy news anchor is beyond anyone’s imagination.

Hassan is a famous Pakistani reporter female name who has a successful career in the field of media and she is called as one of the best news anchors of Pakistan. Even Quratulain Hassan marriage pics earned the attraction. Hot Sexy Hassan has a great list of her admirers who love her skills and beauty and thinks of her as one of the hottest female news anchors. Her glamorous style is what makes her different from others.

9. Farah Qadri

10 Hottest Best Pakistani Female News Anchors, pakistani anchors
Farah Qadri

In the field of Broadcasting since 2007, Farah Qadri has the great experience and is one of the hottest Pakistani news anchors. Farah is giving real success goals to all the hot Pakistani girls. With all the Experience she has got from the Media Industry, She became everyone’s favorite.

Qadri gained the name not only on local news but also on international news and she is the Pakistani hot news anchor. Currently, she is working with CNBC Pakistan. Being the hot reporter with Glamorous looks and Glamorous style she lives the Glamorous life. Farah Qadri is no doubt one of the sexy news anchors among Pakistani Girls Names.

8. Sara Alfred

sexy news reporter pakistani anchors
Sara Alfred

Among The Most popular Geo news Anchors Pakistan, Dunya News Anchors, Ary News Anchors, Express News Anchors or let’s talk about Aaj TV News Anchors, Sara Alfred is the very beautiful and one of the Pakistani Hot Anchors. And Not to Forget, Her extreme Talent is what made her Worth Remembering ever among Pakistani News Anchors.

Pakistani News Anchors are in the limelight for there glamorous looks, Glamorous Style, Glamorous Dresses. But this Pakistani Hot anchor is one of the bullets with her glorified smile. Currently, she is working as Dunya news anchors.

7. Iqra Shahzad

hottest female Pakistani anchors
Iqra Shahzad

One of the most beautiful female news reporter in Pakistan is Iqra Shahzad. Earlier then starting her career as one among hot Pakistani News Anchors, She was associated with Pakistan Television. She Gave her glamorous appearance in many shows Health Morning, Sunday Hobbies, and Mast music and much more. Among Hottest Pakistani News Anchors female, She is the famous Pakistani Reporter Female Name.

Later, She served as Sexy news women and known as one of the sexy newscasters. She worked for City 42, Sama News Anchors, and then finally she joined as one of the Hottest Pakistani news anchors among Dunya News Anchors. Iqra Hosts the program “Meri Dharti Meri Dunya”. She has the great Fam Following.

6. Samina Ramzan

Samina Ramzan

Famous Name Samina Ramzan is the hot news anchor and producer. She is one of the most versatile newscasters who is working even after when she got married. The very famous news anchors, This one of the best female news anchors made her own place in the industry.

Samina as a Hot Pakistani News Anchors worked for many news channels of Pakistan. Such as Waqt News channel, Geo News Pakistan, Samaa TV, and Dunya News Anchors. And the best part is, being hot Indian women from Lahore, Punjab, She has established herself in Pakistan.

5. Sadaf Jabbar

hottest women on tv pakistani anchors
Sadaf Jabbar

She is the besy among Pakistani hot news anchors. The Very Beautiful and Hot Pakistani news Anchors Sadaf Jabbar is a very famous newscaster. She is one of those female news Anchors who has achieved a lot at a very small age. She is leading the media industry with her own strength and talent. Actually, What I Think is, Look into those innocent eyes, How she cannot be added to the list.

From the very beginning of her career, this sexy news reporter is committed to just one channel that is proudly one of the Ary News Anchors. Hot Pakistani news anchors are always presentable and she blows the mids aways her glamorous style and glamorous clothing always.

4. Gharida Farooqi

pakistani anchors hot
Gharida Farooqi

One of the very famous News Pakistani Anchors among Pakistan Geo News anchors Pakistan, Gharida Farooqi is a beauty queen of many hearts. She is one of those women who do multiple tasks at a time and with complete perfection. And Her Talent is the Fighting Tool that she use to Win every day.

This beautiful female news anchors of Pakistan started her career from private news channel ATV and from there she has gained a lot of recognition. Farooqi has earned fame in the field of journalism and become one of the hot Pakistani news anchors.

3. Maria Memon

hot pakistani anchors
Maria Memon

The famous Geo Tv Anchors Maria Memon is a very confident and beautiful Girl. Hot Pakistani Anchors list cannot be completed without her name. She admires Christiane Amanpour a lot and aims to become like her in real life. And Her Talent will make her Win, one day that too very soon.

Memon Started her Career at Geo TV by hosting the program “Mere Mutabiq” and from there she gained the Name and become the very famous news Anchors. As a graduate in Engineering,g she even worked as an HR consultant before becoming one of the hot Pakistani anchors. May she now Accomplish her Real Dream to become like her Inspiration.

2. Ayesha Bakhsh

pakistani anchors
Ayesha Bakhsh

One of the very famous news anchors on the leading news channel of Pakistan Ayesha Bakhsh was born on 4 July 1981. She is the very famous female news anchors among Geo TV News Anchors. In the year 2012, at 3rd Pakistan Media Awards, She won the Best News Caster Female.

Earlier than working as Geo TV anchors, This Pakistani Hot Anchor has worked as Ary News Anchors. In the year 2007, She Joined as one of the Geo News Anchors and currently, she is working successfully there. And she has a really bright future ahead also all because of her determination an talent.

1. Sana Mirza

Hottest news reporter pakistani anchors
Sana Mirza

Among Pakistani Girls names, Sana Mirza is the name of very famous news anchors. Hot Pakistani Girls are everywhere but this person is one of the best female news anchors anyone could ever come across.

She is working as Female news Anchors among Geo News Pakistani Anchors at Geo TV. In the year 2003-2004, she started her career while doing part-time work at FM radio. Later, She worked with different news channels as a Hot Pakistani Anchors, Hot Newscasters, and even Producer. Sana Mirza Lefts people amazed with her stunning smile. Her Strong Combination of Beauty and talent is what makes her win the hearts like anything.

This was the list of Hot Pakistani Female News Anchors. They have Great achievements in life and are absolutely amazing personalities with stunning Beauty and Extreme talent.

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