10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters


We all believe that “With the new day comes new Strength and New Thoughts” and so Does these 10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters has always Shown Us. There was a Time when these strongest Marvel characters were not considered as a big business. But, Today, if you look into this, You will get to know that this is not just the smartest business but the Marvel characters are the most loved thing on the television and Big Screens that everyone loved. Talking about the Marvel Comic Characters, It was not really appreciated until Blade, X-Men, and the Spider-Man films proved that superheroes are the most interesting.
Although Smartest Marvel Characters are constantly retooling characters powers or having their origins being retconned to suit certain story arcs, There is never a definitive answer. These Marvel Comic Characters, are always so confusing with respect to who is the mightiest of all or Who is the power of all. But, We have put together the Strongest Marvel Characters Fans and concluded to the Marvel Characters List for you.

Let’s Checkout the 10 most Powerful Marvel Characters.

10. Magus


Galactus’s Power is often comparable to the Magus. The Ultimate Shape Shifting was the main power of this one of the smartest marvel characters. No matter what Size, What Shape, What Substance, or What Color. He was able to turn out into anything that includes Starships, Cannons and much more. This Marvel character was limitless and yes, Extremely powerful of all the strongest marvel characters. And so, With all his abilities and super powers, he is one of the top marvel characters.

9. Mikaboshi


Following the Japanese Mythology Amatsu-Mikaboshi is the Force that was discovered in a Dark primordial Void by the Shinto Gods Izanagi and Izanami. To Both of The Thor and Hercules and even the Skyfathers like Zeus and Odin, Mikaboshi was the ancient enemy. Among the Marvel strike force Characters, his main superpowers were Shape-shifting-Super Strength, Various energy projections, etc. Among the list of Marvel characters and their powers, Mikaboshi has his own different name.

8. Cyttorak


In the Marvel Universe among the top Marvel characters, Cyttorak is possibly the single strongest magical being. Even Galactus was helpless in front of the Power of one of the Strongest Marvel Characters, Cyttorak as he was unable to free himself from the Cyttorak Power when he imprisoned Galactus. Among all Marvel characters, He was the source of the powerful juggernaut’s power and the elite magicians of the Universe. That Includes Even Dormammu, Dr. Strange, and Zom Invoke Cyttorak’s name to power their spells. With its limitless powers, he was the most loved along the Marvel characters.

7. Phoenix Force

Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force is the Greek/Persian Mythology who found its way to the Marvel Comic characters. Among the Marvel villains, Phoenix Force single-handedly defeated Galactus himself and also overpowered the mkraan crystal. The Phoenix Force is the most powerful and oldest known cosmic entities. The very special superpower that Phoenix has was to really create and destroy anything and everything.

6. Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards

One of another Omega Level Mutants, Franklin Richards has the ability to warp reality on a much more massive scale than Proteus. Talking about the Marvel strike force characters, he has some superpowers that he himself was unable to control completely and his powers were immeasurable. Franklin Richards has the equal powers that the Celestials have and so he was possibly the strongest mutant to ever exist.

5. Eternity


The only thing that can manipulate space, time and reality itself as he wishes is Eternity. Among the Marvel future fight characters, he has the greater power even more than the Galactus. Well not to forget, Eternity is the total of all the collective consciousness of all living things in the universe. The controller to wield Eternity is the embodiment of their life as death is the embodiment of the ending of that life. Eternity targets the extra-dimensional attackers of various abilities and this all is al together is an entity.

4. Living Tribunal

Living Tribunal

Even if the Thanos with the infinity gauntlet making the Living Tribunal stronger than the entire Marvel universe. It combined did not dare to engage the living tribunal in combat, now you can only imagine how much powerful the Living Tribunal is. He is the second strongest being among the top Marvel characters after the one above all. On the other hand, Living Tribunal doesn’t have his own free will as he serves the will of the creator of the multiverse, The one Above All.

3. Beyonder


A supervillain Beyonder dragged to the earth who is supreme and more powerful than the Living Tribunal. He has the superpower of manipulating the reality into whatever he is willing to. He is near to an Omnipotent and vastly powerful mutant inhuman and he is one of the most powerful marvels characters that he has the never-ending war between good and evil. The “battleworld” from pieces of various planets is like the toys to be played with.

2. The One Above All

The One Above All

One of the most powerful Marvel Multiverse is none other than the One Above All. This is one of those Marvel characters, that alone possesses the greater power than the living Tribunal and Beyonder. Any kind of Human or Superhuman Comprehension does not have the strength levels like the One above all. His Powers and Presense is far better than the other Powerful Marvel Characters.

1. Deadpool


The most Powerful Marvel Character in the list among all Marvel characters is Deadpool. List of Marvel characters and their powers cannot be completed without the Deadpool. In fact, Deadpool is the smartest Marvel characters. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe in the storyline and the X-Men Sends Deadpool to a Mental Hospital for Therapy. The doctor who was giving treatment to him was Phycho-Man and he clearly tries to Brainwash Deadpool into Becoming His Personal Minion. The Deadpool has various Superpowers, and he was the Supervillain of the Marvel Universe. Deadpool is Everyone’s Marvel Comic Characters.

Here were the list of 10 most powerful Marvel Characters.

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