5 Best Paranormal Games that will Freak You Out


Are you a Ghost Hunter?

If you are one of those who is tired of playing those Indoor board games and Outdoor activities for Years? Then Here are some Interesting, Breath-taking Paranormal Games to play with friends for You. Caution: Do not play these Paranormal games if you freak out easily. These games could be Life Taking as well or it can change your Life Completely forever. These 5 Best Paranormal Games that will freak you out can be the most challenging thing you can face in your Life. Just a Warning, Though. Now Next Time When You go out with your Friends on some adventurous Trip, Try something challenging and Thrilling.

But before you think of playing any of these games, keep in Mind that some who have tried these have vowed to never ever even think of this again. Even your Demon can start to Freakout but the evil once come will not leave so easily. Paranormal games you should never play because these are the games to play with friends that will make you skip the beat because of fear. So all the thrill-seeking Enthusiast out there, you are good to go with the scariest paranormal games to play with them. Reading Ahead will lead you to the famous paranormal games and how to play them.

Here’s the list of 5 Best Paranormal Games that will Freak You Out

1. Elevator to Another Dimension

Originated from Korea this game will take you to another world. For this game, All you need is to find a building with at least ten floors with an elevator. And make sure there is no one else riding the elevator with you. This is one of those paranormal games to play in the dark.

Just get in the elevator all alone and press the buttons 4-2-6-2-10-5. Wait for the woman to enter the elevator on the fifth floor. Once the woman gets in the elevator, the game is on.

Do not speak or look at the woman with you. Then press the button for the first floor. At any point when you feel this is the Scariest game ever, just quit. This is one of those scariest paranormal games you should never play. Because, after this, the elevator will go on the tenth floor instead of going down to first. For exploring this different world, get off the elevator.

The woman will ask “Where are you Going?” but Never answer back. Once you are done exploring the 10th Floor, Get back to the same Elevator and use the same combo 4-2-6-2-10-5. You will find yourself inside your house when you pass out during this game. And you may not find everything normal as it was.

2. The Hooded Man

Are you Adventurous? You Want to Explore Another World? The Hooded Man Game Rituals are for you. But Just In Case, You have a Week Heart, Don’t Even Think of trying this the hooded man game. This the hooded man Game requires you to perform a cleansing ritual before you start the game, like burning a sage and spreading salt on your front door. And you need a Room that has a Telephone.

In this one of the scariest paranormal games ever, all you have to do is. Go to that Room when Night Comes. Call a Cab, once you see a black cab in front of your house, Get In the cab and Sleep. You will wake up at 3;30 am, Look at the watch and fall asleep again. Now when you will wake up, you will see a hooded man behind the wheels and you will find you are on unfamiliar roads. Keep in Mind, Do not notice and pay attention to another passenger if climb in the cab. Just ride the cab till you want to. But remember this is one of those Scary Games, that can change your life completely. The more you ride, the more it will turn into ghost games.

Whenever you feel like ending up the Ride, Just go close to the hooded man and whisper in his ears “I have reached the Destination.” You will fall asleep again and when you wake up you will find yourself at home. Then all you have to do is go to the same telephone, Dial the Number and Say thank you for the Ride. Now again do the Cleansing Rituals. The hooded man game is surely one of the scariest paranormal games to play with friends and of course the paranormal games you should never play.

3. One Man Hide-and-Seek

Do you want to know about more demon games? Still, have Guts Left? Let’s Begin.

Originated from Japan, One man Hide and Seek is one of the scariest paranormal games and how to play them is quite interesting and scary. You can say this as one of the Ghost Games because you will be playing with Spirit-Possessed Doll. All you need to do is take a Stuffed doll, remove all it’s stuffing and replace the stuffing with rice along with the piece of your Fingernail. Sew the Doll’s opening with the red thread and wrap the remaining thread around the doll.

Now you have to give the doll a name and place it in a tub filled with water. For the next step proceed to your hiding place. Switch on the lights and turn on the television. Put salt water in the mouth but don’t swallow it. Now get out of your hiding place and begin to find the doll, and this time, you will not find the doll in the tub.

Once you succeed in finding the doll, pour the salt water over it and wait till it dry. Now burn it and discard the remains. Be aware of the unwanted visitors wandering Around.

4. Dry Bones

This game is as similar to One man Hide and Seek, But here you will be playing with Demons instead of the doll. And Remember, Playing `with a Demon is not a Good Idea at all. So, All the thrill Seekers, I m warning you, only Good Wishes and Hopes can make you win the game.

All you need is a bathroom, Mirror, and Candles with matches. After ensuring that all the doors and windows of your home are closed and you are alone at home, At Exactly 12:01, Begin the game. Stare at your reflection in the bathroom and listen to the surroundings. If you hear anything, get out of your house immediately. This means Demon is already there in the house. And if it is silent, you can keep on thinking of something you really want to. Just make sure, your wish is not harmful to anyone.

In the next step, Light the Candle with the match but don’t blow the candle back. let it burn out its own. Now Lie down on the floor and say ” I am aware of your presence and I welcome you into my home. Come Now.” Once you say this, go to the largest room in the house and wait for the Moaning House, which will hint you that the game has begun. To win this game, you need to manage to hide from the demon until 3:00 AM. Once you win, Say “Thank You for Playing, But Please Leave now. You are No Longer Welcome.”When you hear a Groan, that means, the demon has gone. Wait for the surprise next morning outside the door but sure you don’t want to risk this game again once you figure out the consequences of losing.

5. Daruma-San

This is another one among Horror Games originated from Japan known as Bath game or Daruma-San. This is one of the most horror games as it involves summoning a ghost which will most likely follow you all day long to try and catch you. In order to start the game, you need to get in the tub fully naked with all the lights off. Sit inside the bathtub facing the tap and start washing your hairs. Keep repeating the words “Daruma-San fell Down.” over and over again and start washing your hairs.

While Doing this, soon you will see the image of a woman standing in Front of the bathtub, Facing You. Later, She falls down on the tab and injures her eye. Just keep on repeating the words and wash your hairs. After you finish washing your hair, you need to say “Why Did you fall in the bathtub?” Now go to sleep as the actual game will start now. The next day when you wake up you will feel the presence near you but you need to keep distance between yourself and the spirit. When you feel the presence to near and you are unable to tolerate, just turn around and imitating a slapping movement with your hands and say Kitta!

Here these were the 5 most horror games. the information above was all found through internet and no personal experience. Just be aware and week hearted people, do not try to do this.

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