Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000


MUSIC, the addictive, Mood-altering substance. Where Words Fail, Music Speaks.

No one knows since when music exists, but till date, We have no replacement for the music. It is the strongest form of magic. Innovations are going at the different level each day and so the quality of sound is improving every day. The Bluetooth speakers are the best example of creativity these days. Isn’t It? All you need to do is, Just connect your device through Bluetooth, and the speakers will do the work well.

There may be different forms and classifications of music but whatever the form is.. it always gives the best feeling to listen out to our favorite track. Imagin yourself at Riverside, or on the mountain with friends, where you have no electricity. The Bluetooth speakers and your favorite music will be the Mood changer of the occasion. These are convenient to carry anywhere. Impressive Right! So now, If your planning to add this to your purchase list, we have 10 best speakers in the price range of 2000 with ultimate design and of course amazing sound.

So Let’s Dive Right In!

Here’s a list of 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers under Rs 2000.


Price: 2000

JBL Go under Rs 2000 is very small and compact in size. It fits in your palm and the quality of sound is just opposite of its size. This Bluetooth speaker has enough power to fill your room with amazing sound. While JBL is very famous for its sound, Noise cancellation is another best feature that JBL gives.

It comes with Built-in Mic, Rechargeable battery that can play 5 hours continuous playback music. The speaker gives better durability because of its well-built rubber finish. If music is like the voice of soul for you, Than this Bluetooth Speakers are perfect for you.

boAt Stone 600

Price: Rs: 2000

If you are expecting a durable speaker, boAt will really make full justice to it. The stone 600 is an ideal Choice if you want to spend money on a quality Bluetooth speaker.

The long battery life lasts for 8 hours of constant playback. 3.5mm AUX cable comes with the box so that the non-Bluetooth users will face no issue. With good base and sound, this is a perfect pocket-friendly option for music lovers.

Portronics Sublime 2

Price: Rs 2000

If you want an amazing product with many qualities with-in your budget. Sublime 2 is something that can fulfill all your expectations. This speaker has a built-in FM Radio.

With good audio quality, it provides Micro SD Card slot that can expand up to 32GB, aux input, and LED Display. Its battery life can last up to 8 continuous hours.

Portronics Dome

Price: Rs 1900

It’s not just the name and design which is different and perfect but the device gives complete value for money. With its unique design and amazing sound, this wireless Bluetooth speaker can give another life to the music.

This product offers a 2000mAh battery which has a playtime of around 8-9 hours. The portable speaker is protected from small splashes with IPX4 certification. AUX cable port is making this device compatible with smartphones and laptops.

Logitech X100

Price: Rs 1700

These Powerful Bluetooth speakers can win your heart with its quality of sound. The rubber texture of the speaker makes it easy to hold so that it doesn’t slip by hand.

This device is compatible with Android, iOS, and Microsoft. The best feature of this Speaker is In-build microphones so that you can pick up calls through the speaker. The battery lasts for 5 hours and can be charged easily.

Zoook Boom Portable BT Speaker

Price: Rs 1700

If you like the Music’s volume high enough to not to hear anything else, This speaker is for you. In just Rs 1700, It can Blow your mind with its base and amazing sound.

There is a personal headphone jack, SD card slot, Bluetooth Connectivity and AUX Connection for your convenience. It can be connected from 10 meters and the playback time is around 5 hours.

Zook Rocker

Price: Rs 1300

Relive your passion for music with this wireless Bluetooth speakers. This lightweight speaker comes with splash proof and dust resistant. The Bass and sound of this device has won many hearts and will surely work well for you.

This smart speaker supports Pendrive, Micro SD card, and FM radio. With 10 meters of connectivity range, it comes with LED lights which play along with the music. This Pocket-friendly speaker is must to be on the list of music lovers.

Philips BT50/00

Price: Rs1300

One of the best Bluetooth under the very low budget of Rs 2000. Only the size and the cost is less but the sound quality is best. Many of us do believe this because of the most trusted brand Philips.

Its main features include The handy and easy design and clear loud sound with DJ base and of course easy to carry anywhere. Moreover, it comes with Headphone Jack, USB cable Post and an In-built battery that gives up to 6 hours of playback.

Philips BT 64

Price: Rs 1300

When it comes to electronics, Philips always wins the race. Here is another innovative product, Philips has for you. This Bluetooth speaker delivers nice and deep sound. It can be connected from 10 meters of distance.

The best features of this speaker include 1 channel configuration, Micro SD Support up to 32 GB, and good battery life that could stay for a day. This Device is compatible with laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other devices. This is the best option for those who want to carry music with them anywhere anytime.

Portronics SoundPot

Price: Rs 1000

In just Rs 1000, This speaker gives complete satisfaction for money. The sound pot offers the stylish sleek look that comes with the fully rubberized black finish. This tiny speaker is a must add to the list of all music lovers.

This device comes with no Control buttons on it expect on/off at the top. It is controlled with playback device itself. The design is different from other and the quality of sound is incomparable. 6-8 hours of battery life is a plus point with this device.

These all were the best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones under Rs2000. Keep Enjoying!

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