10 Richest Football Players In The World

richest footballer in the world

10 Richest Football Players In The World

Everyone knows what game football is, or how it is played. But do you know that Football is one of the most played games in the whole world? Today, not only Brazil or Spain but each country is promoting their citizens for playing this game. This continuous increase in popularity is something that makes it a sport with plenty of money. And now that we know that what is the level of involvement of money, the question arises here is who is the Richest Football Player in the world?

But, it is also known that to earn a lot and be the richest player, one needs to be perfect. This means that the player should be a full pack of different strategies, skills, cooperation, and leadership. After Businessmen, it is the Footballers who are the highest earners. On the other hand, these players are no less than celebrities. They are called for many events just like the movie actors and some of them are even followed by many of the fans.

So let’s move forward and have a look at the Top 10 Richest Football Players in the world.

  1. Frank Lampard

richest football player
Frank Lampard

Net worth: $90 Million

Date of Birth: 20 June 1978

Frank James Lampard is a former English Football Player. He played for Chelsa and is the all-time leading Goalscorer until now. I think now we know the reason behind his net worth of $90 Million. According to the many of the Journalists and his fans, he is the best Midfielders the team has ever seen. He played for the team for approx 13 years and not only he earned a lot of money, bit a huge respect and position as well.

He started his career with the West Ham United football club for which his father also used to play. Later in 2001, he moved to a rival London club Chelsea for £11 million and was loved by each and everyone. The most important time of his career was when he became the Chelsa captain of the UEFA Champions League in 2012 and showed success with flying colours. Not only this, a year later he also took their first UEFA Europa League title. After this league, he was released while completing 13 years of his senior football career.

As of now, Lampard works as a team captain on the ITV sports panel show Play to the Whistle.

  1. Raul


Networth: $93 Million

Date of Birth: 27 June 1977

Raúl González Blanco or Raul is one of the legendary Spanish players of all time. He played for the Real Madrid Club as a striker and was the most important player on the team. Not only this, he is considered as the greatest Socer player of all time by his team members and fans. His Senior Football career took mostly of 16 years and in that golden time of his life, he scored more than 300 goals and achieved great heights.

If we talk about his initial years of career, he played for the local youth team of Madrid. He later moved to the Real Madrid’s youth academy and showed great talent at various levels. Due to his professionalism and great skills, he made a contract with the fourth division of Real Madrid Club and later to the First Division. Now, talking about his achievements. He won six La Liga titles, three UEFA Champions League titles, one UEFA Super Cup and two Intercontinental Cup. Not only this, he was named the best striker in the world by International Federation of Football History & Statistics in 1999.

Can you believe how much a person can achieve by just one sport!!

  1. Samuel Eto’o

Samuel Eto’o

Networth: $95 Million

Date of Birth: 10 March 1981

There is something special about this player, and you know what? He is the highest paid football player in the whole of Africa. Yes, Samuel Eto’o is the player to whom the whole of the African population looks up to. Also, he has won the African Player of the year award four times in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2010 which also makes him the most decorated player in Africa. In 2010, he became the first player to win two European continental trebles.

Apart from Madrid, Samuel has played for many other countries like Mallorca, Barcelona, Chelsea and many more. He remained the highest paid player for a long time and earned a great amount of respect as well. Not only he kept his name higher but also scored the highest number of goals in most of the tournaments.

It is said that all the success comes with a prize. Even here, in this case, Samuel faced a lot of Racism in many of the matches during the initial stages of his career. But still, he came out with great toughness and won peoples hearts.

  1. Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard

Networth: $100 Million

Date of Birth: 7 January 1991

Eden Hazard is the famous Belgian Football player. He plays for the Chelsea football club and the Belgium National Team. He is mostly known for his Technical and attacking skills. Not only he is a great player in the field but in making the strategies outside the ground as well. Because of having this much talent, he is personally sponsored by the Nike.

Talking about his career, he started playing with local clubs and later in 2005 moved to France joining the First Division club Lille. After spending 2 years in the club he made his debut in the professional game in November 2007. And later on, he played may other matches and was loved by many fans. In the Season 2010-2011, his team won the league and cup double and was named the UNFP Ligue 1 Player of the Year becoming the youngest player to win the award. Further to this, he also won some of the best awards like Bravo award, PFA young player of the year, FWA Footballer of the year and many more.

He is not only a Footballer who plays the game but also the one who motivates other team players.

  1. Kaka


Networth: $105 Million

Date of Birth:  22 April 1982

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, commonly known as Kaka, is one of the most famous Football Stars. He used to play for Brazil as the Attacking Midfielder but is retired as of now. In his senior career, he played on many other teams like Real Madrid, Milan, Orlando City and many more.

He made his professional debut at the age of 18 at São Paulo FC in Brazil in 2001. Later he got recommended to the Milan team for a fee of €8.5 million. After having his time in Milan, he joined the Real Madrid for a transfer fee of €67 million making him the second highest transfer fee ever. Later in 2002 he made his Brazil National Debut in 2002 and was selected for their victorious World Cup squad that year.

Talking about his achievement, he won the title of Serie A Footballer of the Year award twice, UEFA Club Midfielder of the Year, and many more. Still, after his retirement, his fans love him and that can be seen in the social media many times.

  1. Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney

Networth: $120 Million

Date of Birth: 24 October 1985

Wayne Mark Rooney is the skilled, talented and one of the most famous Football player who plays for Premier League club Everton. Rooney is one of those players who doesn’t play for money, but for pride and passion. This is one other thing that his net worth has increased to $120 Million and making him the 5 richest football player in the whole world.

Wayne started his career as forward in the field playing for the Manchester United. Before moving to the United, he used to play for the local clubs and was the best amongst them. He is known worldwide and is one of the best players the federation has ever seen. Apart from the income from matches, he also earns from endorsements by brands like Samsung and Nike.

Until now, you must have known him as the deadliest Forward Player but you would be surprised to know that he is a big lover of cars and luxury as well. As a matter of fact, he owns cars like Range Rover, Lamborgini, etc and some of the Most Luxury properties in the world. Who says money can’t buy happiness, this guy is killing it with his game and money!!

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimović

Zlatan Ibrahimović

Networth: $141 Million

Date of Birth: 3 October 1981

Zlatan Ibrahimović is a Swedish Footballer who used to play for Manchester United. Although his contract with the team has expired but is sure to re-sign after recovering from his injury. If you talk about his achievement, he is the second most decorated player in the world. He has achieved almost 32 trophies in his lifetime career while playing for more than 8 different teams. And this is the reason Zlatan Ibrahimović’s net worth is reaching $141 Million.

If we talk about his beginning of the career, he played for the Malmö FF club in the late 1990’s. For his international career, he signed for rival side Internazionale and was named to the UEFA Team of the Year in both 2007 and 2009. After that, he gradually moved to different teams like Barcelona, Milan, Ajax, and many others. He is the role model for many of the people. His Strength, skills, and stamina are the traits mostly loved by the coaches and fans. Apart from earning from sports, he also earns from endorsements from companies like Nike, Xbox 360, Volvo and many more.

He is truly player to look upon!!

  1. Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr

Networth: $148 Million

Date of Birth: 5 February 1992

If you are a true Neymar Fan, then you must be knowing his real name. Yes, it is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. Nationally he plays for Brazil, but as a senior club player, he plays for French club Paris Saint-Germain as a Forward. His skills are famous worldwide and are being followed by even the youngest fans. This player is making one big fortune. According to Forbes, in August his Networth was €36.8 million, but as of today, he is capable of €132 Million or $148 Million.

He made his debut at the age of 17 in an international match and helped the club win two successive Campeonato Paulista championships, a Copa do Brasil, and the 2011 Copa Libertadores. Later he became the part of Barcelona and played shoulder to shoulder with Lionel Messi. But later he moved to the Paris Saint-Germain club in exchange for €222 Million which makes him the world’s most expensive player.

You might be amazed to know that he is the Fourth Highest Goalscorer of the Brazil National team scoring 53 Goals in 83 Matches!!

  1. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Networth: $295 Million

Date of Birth:  24 June 1987

Lionel Messi, the second richest football player. He is not only a player but a role model for most of the aspiring football fans. It is also known that Messi earns more than a fortune from his endorsements only. Brands like Pepsi, Adidas, Gillette, and even the Turkish Airlines are being endorsed by him and he makes up to $27 Million a year just by this thing. But, you should also keep this one thing in mind that a player with best skills and techniques can only make this kind of earnings.

If we talk about his career, Messi made his debut at the age of 17 with Barcelona. And later within 3 years, he established himself as one of the best players on the team. With this, he entered the senior year career and made himself one of the most important players and helped the team to win more and more matches. Also, at the of 22, Messi won the Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year by record voting margins. And today he is known as the Little Magician who makes the situations reverse and makes the team to lead. He is also known as the most decorated football player till now as he holds awards like The Golden Ball, Golden Show, medals and much more.

He also owns some of the fastest cars in the world like Audi R8, Ferrari F430 Index, 2009 Maserati, among many others. Not only he makes his life a living heaven by his money, but also helps the needy people and mostly children by making generous donations and sometimes giving free coaching to the aspiring and young football players.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Networth: $321.5 Million

Date of Birth: 5 February 1985

Now the wait is over. Cristino Ronaldo is the richest Football player in the whole world with a  net worth of $321.5 Million. He plays as the forward for the Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team. Since we know that he is the best player in the world, we should also know his achievements as well and trust me there are many. He has 5 Golden Ball award till now which is the most for a Europian Player. Not only this, he also holds 4 Golden shoes and 25 trophies followed by many medals and recognition. This indeed makes him the most decorated player of all time in the whole world.

Let’s talk about the history of this Legendary player. He made his debut with Manchester United at the age of 18 in 2003 and helped them win 3 successive Premier League Titles, UEFA leagues and FIFA world cups. Later in 2009, he was transferred to Real Madrid with a fee of $80 Million which also made him the highest transfer of the year. Not only he played like the Best Player in every match but also he managed to bag many awards as well. Ronaldo is someone who is looked upon by many of the players for his tips and tricks. And guess what, he never denies to share anything. Beleive me he is indeed the God of this game.

Having this much of popularity and skills can definitely get you a lot of money. And in case of Ronaldo, yes he is having a huge Bank Account!!

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