Top 10 Best Beer Brands in India

beer brands in india

Are you also one of those for whom the most popular Beer names make Everything Better? If Yes! This is a place for you. Let’s Discuss over best beer in India. There is the number of beer lovers in who often thinks of, which is the Top 10 best beer brands in India and also the top 10 beer brands in the world. There are many Indian Beer brands but which is the most loved beer in India. Beers have many health benefits and beers in India are considered best as a refreshing drink than Alchohol. Let’s look forward to few beer names that is known best in the beer brands list with alcohol content in beer in India.

Here’s the best Beer brands list in India.


best beer in india

If you are one of those who needs Beer more than water Than this Miller High Life is your another buddy. Among top beer names in India, Miller makes its place because of its taste and is considered as strongest beer in India. Miller gives tough competition to top beer brands in India. This is one of those popular beers which is loved my many among us.


beers brand in india

This International beer is loved by many worldwide.  Heineken is called as strongest beer in India. It’s been winning hearts of Beer lovers since 1873. Heineken has 5% of alcohol content in beer in India as compared to another beer names. Because of it’s fruity and toasted malty taste, This beer among many beer names is loved the most. Even the Heineken beer price in India is in your Budget.


beers brand in india
best beer in India

For all the stressed-out workaholics, Corona is the best beer to drink on weekends. This is the best German beer, manufactured in Mexico. Corona Beer price is in India are little high from another but the taste makes it must to add among best beers in India. Your beer glasses are lucky if Corona is poured into it.


Best beers brands in india

Another best Indian Beer, best dark beer, and can say the only most loved beer in India is Tuborg. This is the best tasting Light Beer in India. And no Doubt Best Light Beer names are preferred by many of the Indians. Tuborg beer AlcoContentnten is also less and thus it is consumed by many of the young generations.


Fosters beer brand in india

Best Canned Beer Fosters has gained wide popularity among the top beer brands in India. This is the best root beer owing to its Australian roots. In the beer list, This amazing beer is must to be added. This has earned the position among the top best cheap beer and the best light beer to drink.


beers brands in india

Best Belgian Beer Budweiser beer is very famous among Indian Beer Brands. You must have heard Friends Bring Happiness In Life, Best Friend Bring Beer. Budweiser is your same old Friend with your Best Friend. This Best beer brings a great combination of Rice and Barley Malt and is loved worldwide.


Carlsberg beer brands in india

One of the finest beer brands among over 500 beer names is Carlsberg. Among the best beers in India, It secures the safest position as a Beer Brand. It is also the best Pilsner Beer with the bittersweet mixture. Carlsberg is a beer for those who not only drink beer but takes intelligence to enjoy Beer.

  1. HAYWARDS 5000

Haywards 5000 best beer brand in india

Among Best Beers in India, Haywards 5000 is the strongest beer in India. While Beers in India are one of the most sold things, This beer tastes quite smooth but comparatively hard, unlike others. Haywards 5000 Alchohol content in India is about 7% which definitely meets the high expectations of Indian Customers.


ROYAL CHALLENGE best beer brands in india

Maybe you can’t make everyone Happy but Royal Challenge will definitely do this for you. This is a Best Brewed Beer for a longer time. Royal Challenge is, of course, the best beer to drink with golden yellow in color. It is full of rich Flavours that makes it smooth and crisp in taste. Royal Challenge is most preferred in Uttar Pradesh and Andra Pradesh.


Kingfisher beer brands in india

One of the top-rated beer brands in India KingFisher is a Beer Brand of India. Leaving behind all the Competitions, This one among the Beer Names has its own market value and love from Beer Lovers. KingFisher is Light and refreshing in Taste and known as the Kind of Good Taste. It is Said as Liquor King of India as it is manufactured by United Breweries Group led by Vijay Mallya.

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These were the best Beer Brands in India. Keep Calm and Drink Beer.

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