Top 10 Best Female News Anchors of India

Top 10 Best Female News Anchors of India

Gone are the days when people use to read the newspaper for updating themselves about what happened yesterday. Now it’s the Kingdom of Media all over the World and Gorgeous Indian News Anchor female is one who is Ruling this Kingdom. Where some Hot Indian Girls are ruling the Bollywood, There are many Best Female News anchors in India who are ruling over the television and a part of media as Reporters and TV Anchors hot. Hottest Indian Women are working as Sexy Newscasters and Sexy News Women and are called as best Journalist in India. These Sexy Indian Anchors are seriously setting new bars.

As watching the news is a part of our Daily Ritual, These Indian Sexy Lady and Famous Journalist in India plays an important part as a news reporter and news anchor in Life. Just like beautiful Indian Women of Bollywood, These female TV anchors India are also the hottest women on TV. Many of us feel the craving to know what’s happening around the world and with this desire to stay updated, we watch out the news channel over the TV and spend hours and these best female news anchors India never fails to surprise us. So to deliver you all the news from the different part of the world in the best possible way, Field of Journalism is most helpful. Thanks to these TV Anchors, ABP News Anchors, Aaj Tak Reporter, NDTV Reporters and Indian News Channel that are making Our Life so easy.

Let’s have a look at Top 10 Best Female News Anchors of India.

10. Harishree Mehta

Hot TV Anchors
Indian news anchors

Best journalist Harishree Metha is one of the most popular faces of Times Now Anchors. Being a TV Anchor, She is a part of the Business and Stock Segment at Times Now. This hot Indian lady is also a very known face of NDTV India Hindi News among NDTV Anchors and is always appreciated by a lot of Fans. You may wish to see her reading NDTV News Headlines forever as there is a kind of Charm she Holds.

Apart from one of the sexy female names, she is an educated Charted accountant and famous Indian news reporter girl. Thus, handles stock and business segment as Times Now Anchors. She is one of the famous news anchors and best known Indian Business Television Woman. And of Course, you people must be knowing her among the famous news reporters in India

9. Shaili Chopra

hottest news anchors
Indian news anchors

With a mind-blowing Experience of 12 Years as a female TV Anchors India, the reporter, and writer, Shaili Chopra is an award-winning business news anchor. She is often counted as one among sexiest News Anchors and hottest women on TV. Her Extreme Beauty and excellent skills make her one of the famous news reporters. And She is the Glamorous TV Anchor ever.

Currently, she is working as an Editor for Tehelka where she writes popular golf column for DNA. Till 2012, Shaili worked as an ET Now anchors that is Senior editor lead female anchor at Economic Times-News Channel and ET now live. Other than many Hot news anchors, Shaili covered live the Mumbai terror attack from outside the Tajmahal Hotel. As ET news anchors she anchored many big shows and also interviewed many big personalities. Includes Warren Buffett, George Soros, Anshu Jain, P Chidambaram, Christine Lagarde, and many others.

8. Archana Vijaya

hottest news anchors
Indian news anchor

One among hot reporters Archana Vijaya is a fantastic television presenter, writer, VJ, and news anchor of India. Alike Other Hot News Anchors, Archana has made her successful and sensational career as a supermodel of India. Hot sexy Indian Girl Archana has begun her career as she won the 1st Supermodel/Reality TV show Get Gorgeous season 1‐in India by Channel [V].

Beauty Queen Archana has done many shows of different Genres that includes Travel, (Freedom Express 1 and 2), Bollywood (BOLLY [V]), Reality (Get Gorgeous season 2 and Sunsilk Bindass Blue Carpet (UTV BINDASS), Glamour/Gossip(EBUZZ for AXN ASIA), Music (Junglee Jukebox). This sexy Indian Lady is the one who started the trend of Cricketainment by doing shows such as Tour Diary, Cricket Tadka maarke etc. Archana Vijaya is a hot Indian Name and popular faces in Cricket Broad Casting.

7. Sonia Shenoy

hottest news anchors
Indian News anchors

Hot Indian Lady and India Hot News Reporter Sonia Shenoy melt the hearts of many Indian with her Killer Smile and Brown Eyes. Sonia Shenoy is one of the very popular CNBC TV18 Anchors who discuss the news of stock exchange during Mid-market and post Market hours. These Famous female news anchors in India are the real Gems of India.

CNBC anchors are anyways extremely talented but this hot news anchor hosts the shows on the business channel such as Bazaar Morning Call, NSE Closing Bell, Markets and Macros, Market Today etc. Apart from hosting the shows, This sexy reporter also interviews stock market experts. I Wonder, how these hot anchors look Gorgeous.

6. Shweta Singh

Aaj Tak Anchors
Indian news anchor

The famous journalist in India on the Indian News channel is none another than the TV Anchor Shweta Singh Aaj Tak. As Aaj Tak Reporter, This Aaj Tak anchor is one of the most popular faces and famous news reporters in India that need no introduction. She is a famous journalist in India. I must say, This Indian Hot Girl among Indian Sexy Women or Sexy Indian Ladies choose a very Different Career option and Succeed like anything. News anchor and deputy editor of Aaj Tak she is one of the best journalists in India who have a lot of fan following.

In the year 1996, the Popular today as Shweta Singh Aaj Tak started her career as a Times of India Anchor and also cover Bihar news for Hindustan Times. Shweta Singh hot even worked as Zee News Anchors before joining Aaj Tak in 2002. Shweta is the best anchor India and she is also graduate in Mass Communications from Patna University. Aaj Tak reporter Shweta Singh has won the award for best sports programme by sports Journalism Federation of India (SJFI).

5. Mini Menon

hottest news anchors
Indian news anchor

The Former Femina Miss India Asia Pacific and an award-winning TV Journalist Mini Menon is a very successful executive editor of Bloomberg TV India and one of the Indian Sexy women. For the last 15 years, she is one of the most popular faces of Indian Media as Indian hot Girl covering both the business and political news.

Mini Menon is one of the Famous women of India and won several awards that include, Zee Astitva Award for Journalism, Rajiv Gandhi Award for Excellence as a young achiever, Miss India Asia-Pacific. This talented Indian Hot girl has done masters in communication studies from Pune University. Her name is so popular among Indian Female names.

4. Nidhi Razdan

zee news anchors
Indian news anchor

This TV anchor Nidhi Razdan is recognized as Hot Indian Lady Among NDTV Reporters. As a TV anchor, she has an excellent voice, extreme talent, and amazing Journalism Skills. This Hot Indian Reporter is no doubt one of the most watched Best Journalists in India. Excellent lady Nidhi has received the Ramnath Goenka Award for her excellence in Journalism.

Razdan Joined as NDTV anchors Female in the year 1999 and because of her extraordinary talent and knowledge, she soon got promoted to the senior journalist. Indian Sexy Lady Nidhi as Anchor India always showed herself performing tough roles. She Reported on a wide range of Economic News, Social Stories, Political News etc. This brave lady performed amazingly during the India and Pakistan Conflicts in Kashmir and Brutal Gang-rape in New Delhi in December 2012. And So She is also very popular in Pakistan. Nevertheless, She cannot be compared to any Pakistani News Anchor for her Brilliant work. After all this, she is must to be added to the list of Indian Famous Womens.

3. Shereen Bhan

india tv anchors hottest news anchors
Indian news anchor

One of the very Famous and most loved CNBC TV18 Anchors, Sheeran Bhan is, of Course, the hot news anchors of Indian Media Television. Hot TV anchors like her is a blessing to Indian Media and in the list of Best Journalist In India is not less than Any blessing.

Young Turk, India Business Hour, The Nation’s Business and Power Turks are some of the shows which this gorgeous lady has appeared in. Apart from CNBC TV18 Anchors, She is the head of CNBC and Chief of Delhi Bureau.

In the year 2005, Bhan has received the FICCI Woman of the year award. Being Hottest Women on TV and Sexy Reporter she was also there among 20 Beautiful faces of the year 2005 in Women’s Magazine Femina. Also, this hot news reporter was listed in  Most beautiful women in the Vogue October 2008 issue.

2. Anjana Om Kashyap

hot news anchors hottest news anchors
Indian news anchor

Aaj Tak famous TV Anchor Anjana Om Kashyap Hot Indian Lady is a Successful and loved anchor and writer. She is the most famous journalists in India. With her exclusive talent and amazing skills, she is serving at the position of Deputy Executive Producer of News24.

Aaj Tak anchor Anjana has started her career in 2003. Since then, This hot Indian lady is Ruling The media. Prior to Joining Aaj Tak, She worked for Great 5 Years with Zee News and then Joined News 24 in 2007 to 2012. Her Debate Show, Halla Bol On Aaj Tak has made her famous news reporters. And now she needs no Introduction to Anyone. With Extremely Intelligent, This Sexy News Reporter is a Gift to Our Indian Television.

1. Mayanti Langer

hottest sports reporters hottest news anchors
Indian news anchor

Sexy Reporter Mayanti Langer is one of the famous news reporters and Indian TV Sports Journalist with ESPN. This hot Indian Lady was on her college football team. Later she became the hot newscasters and guest anchor for FIFA beach Football. Are Sexy and Glamorous Looks are what makes her one of the Hottest Indian Girls. And her talent and passion are what makes her one of the best and famous Tv Anchors. She has worked as a famous sports anchor on Zee Sports and also she was associated with the producer for football Cafe on Zee Sports. This sexy Indian Lady is married to Cricketer Stuart Binny. Some of the famous events she has hosted are:

  • Football Cafe on Zee Sports, 2010 Commonwealth Games
  • 2010 FIFA World Cup Broadcast on ESPN
  • 2011 Cricket World Cup
  • 2014 Indian Super League
  • 2015 ICC cricket World Cup.
  • Nehru Cup Football Tournament and Indian Cricket League

These Hottest Indian Women and Sexy Female Names have achieved a lot in their lives with there talent and knowledge. Their beauty is an addition to there extreme talent. Also, check these hottest women News Anchors around the world leading the News Industry. These Hot Indian Ladies Deserves Huge Respect for the hard work they are doing.

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