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Are You A News Person? Yes? Then You must be aware of the drastic changes among our sexiest news anchors. There were days when these News anchors were Dull and Borning, But Today, News Anchors are just So Hot that they can even Compete with those Beautiful Actresses our Industry Has. If we Talk about Female News Anchors, Hot NewsCasters Here’s is a long List. These News anchors are so attractive and talented that they can even transfer the most basic and boring news into something extremely interesting.

Hot News Women have everything that is needed to kill anyone. Say it their Hot Looks, Talent, Attitude, Positivity, Attractive Personality and everything. No matter the News Channel is biggest or Small, Local Or International, Business or the One with Daily Updates, You will always Find Sexy News Women and Hot News Anchors. And When it Comes to their Performance in front of the camera, There is no Word that can describe it. In the Simplest term, It is “Perfect.” We have Short-listed 10 Best Hottest News Women according to their Performance and Popularity.

Here we Have the 10 Most Hottest Women News Anchors.

10. Susan Li

Female News Anchors
Susan Li

The Very First Lady in the List Susan Li must have stopped you on her only. This Incredibly beautiful Journalist is one of the hot news women. Currently, she is working with Fox Business Network and so she is popular among hot fox news anchors. After completing her graduation from the University of Toronto, She begins her career at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Later this girl among sexy news women worked at CC TV (China Central Television) from the year 2003 to 2006. Afterward, in the year 2006, she joins as Host at Bloomberg Television and with switching many news channels and after achieving great heights, she Joined Fox Business Network as a Correspondent in April 2018. She must have Switched many times among different channels but ultimately she remained one of the hottest newswomen.

9. Ghida Fakhry

Female News Anchors
Ghida Fakhry

It’s not true that all the beautiful women around the World make their Career in Films and Television Series. Some end up becoming the most popular and sexiest news anchors. Ghida Fakhry, Current Affairs Program Presenter with TRT World is one of the most successful Female News anchors.

As a Hot Newscasters, She Begun her Career as Political Correspondent For London based Newspaper Asharq AI-Awsat and Later Became New York Bureau Chief and Columnist covering the annual General Assembly meetings of the UN. In the year 2007, among the many hottest news anchors, she was voted as “Women We Love” in Esquire Magazine’s Annual. In the Year 2013, She was also named among World’s Most Influential Arabs by Arabia Business Power 500.

8. Gigi Stone Woods

Hottest News Anchors
Gigi Stone Woods

Female News Anchors are Known for their exceptional Skills and Talent, And I can Bet on this Girl, She can take your Heart away and Blow Your Mind. Gigi Stone Woods is one of the sexiest news anchors known for her specialization in Real estate, Media and Entertainment Market.

Don’t Be Beautiful Girl, People will Ignore the news but will stay busy in staring at you. It’s my personal advice to this girl among Female news anchors. Currently, you can watch her at the Early Today and MSNBC Shows at NBC news.

7. Kimberly Guilfoyle

Hottest News Anchors
Kimberly Guilfoyle

Among Hot Fox News Anchors, Kimberly Guilfoyle is a Big name. Wife of a California Politician Gavin Newsom Kimberly Guilfoyle is an American television news personality. Although on July 20, 2018, she left Fox News, her name will always be there among Hottest female news anchors of Fox.

Her Journey is a little different from other hot news women as she started her career as Prosecutor in San Francisco. When Terence Hallinan was elected as District Attorney, He fired 14 City’s Prosecutors and she was one among them. But she Didn’t Stop. Later she Spent 4 years as Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles.

6. Robin Meade

Hot News Women
Robin Meade

Born on April 21, 1969, Robin Meade is an American Journalist and one of the hottest news women. Currently, you can watch her as a lead anchor for the show Morning Express with Robin Maeda on HLN TV. Graduated from Malone University in Radio/Television production and Programming, She is one among sexiest news anchors.

Apart From her talent, her Beauty is also appreciated everywhere. She is a Former Miss Ohio and Runner-up in the Miss America Pageant. Exceptional as female news anchors, she has also released two music albums Band New Day and Count On Me. From the Local News Channel to the famous and hottest news anchors, she became so popular today.

5. Alex Wagner

Hot News Women
Alex Wagner

Another one among the Hottest News Anchors Alex Wagner was born on November 27, 1977. Alexandra Swe Wagner known as Alex Wagner is an American Journalist and Author. Currently, She is an Author of the Future Face: A Family Mystery, an Epic Quest and the Secret to Belonging. And with that working as Co-host of The Circus on Showtime. 

Unline any hot news anchors, she is also a contributor for CBS News and Contributing editor at The Atlantic. Earlier, She was the anchor of the daytime program Now with Alex Wagner from the year 2011-2015 on MSNBC. Later, she was a TV Co-anchor on CBS This Morning Saturday from November 2016 to March 2018.

4. Brooke Baldwin

Sexiest News Anchors
Brooke Baldwin

Born on July 12, 1979, Brooke Baldwin is an American Journalist and Television News Anchor. She has been at CNN since 2008 and is one of the CNN Female Anchors Hot host. Currently, You can watch her on Television as a Host of Newsroom from 2pm to 4pm ET.

Her Endless beauty is what makes her one of the hot news anchors. She gave her special appearance during coverage of the final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis from Kenned Space Center. She made a Documentary “To Catch the Killer” and it won Silver World Medal for Best Investigative Report at Newyork Festivals International Television & Film award in 2012. Also, this girl among sexiest news anchors was nominated for an Emmy for her Coverage of the NYC

3. Julie Banderas

Sexiest News Anchors
Julie Banderas

One of the hot Fox News Anchors, Julie Banderas was born on September 25, 1973. Co-host of Fox and Friends First, Julie started her career with small works in Cambridge, Mass. This Good looking woman nailed her every performance and became one of the most popular and Hot news anchors.

With Fox News, She is also an Anchor for America’s News Headquarters on the Weekends. In the year 2006, She gained a lot of international attention because of her on-air clash with former spokeswoman Shirley Phelps-Rober. All this was because of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church.

2. Jenna Lee

Female News Anchors
Jenna Lee

Here Come’s the second hottest news Women Jenna Lee. I think, There is no word in this world that can describe her Hottness and Beauty. Jennifer Anne Lee is popularly known as Jenna Lee born on May 30, 1980, is an American journalist and Former anchor on Fox News Channel. So she is also ranked among hottest Fox Female news anchors.

Earlier, Lee was anchoring Fox’s Business network’s early-morning with Connell McShane and Currently, She is working as a co-host at Happening Now with Jon Scott. Her Beauty is so natural and fresh that by just looking at her no one can accept the fact that she is the mother of two kids.

1. Melissa Theuriau

Female News Anchors
Melissa Theuriau

Among the most Hottest News Women and Sexiest News Anchors, Melissa Theuriau is ranking #1. Without any doubt, She is the most beautiful news anchors around the world. Born on July 18, 1978, Melissa Theuriau is the French journalist and News anchor for M6. 

After completing her Master’s in Audiovisual Journalism From Institute of communication and Media, She made her big presence in the world of Hot News Anchors. Often she is named as television’s Sexiest News Anchors in the World and Most Beautiful News Reporter. I Mean, Really, Her Hazel eyes and Charming Smile is the Most Expensive Ornament on her Body.

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