Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtubers


What is that thing, today’s generation really rely on? Food? Water? What? It’s Social Media For sure. Among the many other Social Media Platforms, Youtube is really taking the Space. The Youtubers right now are the creators of their own new and different world. They are writing for themselves, Picturing Themselves, and Creating Themselves every day in Different ways. And so here we are presenting Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtubers.
These fastest Growing YouTubers have built a great fan following from all around the world. The Unique Content they present in all the unique way is what makes them so popular and most loved YouTube Personalities that one must admire. These biggest Youtubers not only earning fame but also making millions.

Let’s Have a Look on the 10 most subscribed YouTubers.

10. NigaHiga

Who has the most Subscribers? American Comedian Ryan Higa has it all. With Currently 21 Million Subscribers on YouTube, he has made his name among the Biggest Youtubers. He is the most subscribed Youtuber and famous youtube celebrities. He is one of those fastest growing Youtubers on youtube and on Social media. His subscribers are increasing day by day. Higa presents a variety of Comedy videos, that includes sketches, music videos, short Commentaries on pop culture and more.

9. Yuya

With 23 Million real Subscribers on her Channel Yuya, she is a Mexican Beauty Vlogger. On her youtube channel she gives beauty lessons and so she is one most famous YouTubers with her Beauty Tutorials. Her channel is one of the most watched youtube channels that many other biggest YouTubers also follow. If I could become a Youtuber in Future, I will surely ask her how to get views on Youtuble like she do.

8. Smosh

Ohh!!! There is a tie with 23 Million Subscribers n youtube among these most popular YouTubers. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla have spearheaded this most viewed youtube channel with their comedy sketches before they started making parodies of famous scenarios, reactions videos, festivals and much more. Currently this most subscribed youtube channel and this most popular YouTuber winning hearts from all around the world.

7. VanossGaming

Biggest YouTubers are those with Biggest Subscribers and so this is one of the most famous YouTubers. With 24 Million YouTube Subscribers, This is the most Viewed YouTube channel belongs from Canada. Apart from music, makeup, comedy videos, this famous Youtuber makes Videos on Playing Popular Video games with other YouTube Collaborators. I am sure you are going to Enjoy his Videos more than any other and well this is why he is one among the famous YouTubers.

6. Fernanfloo

Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado a 24 years old gamer who is expert in Wacky commentary and showing some concern to Indie Titles is the one behind Fernanfloo. With his most viewed youtube videos ever, he is the most popular YouTuber with 31 Million Subscribers on his YouTube. He is the Most Subscribed Youtuber of his age. He composes Gaming Videos, vlogs, and some animation hilarious sketches that of course the public Loves a lot to watch.

5. ElRubiusOMG

Okay so, The list is getting really Interesting with these biggest YouTubers around the world. With 32 Million Followers on the YouTube, This Hilarious Guy is making his position the list and His more Hilarious Videos are those you will really get addicted to. He produces Comedy Videos, Vlogs and some fan Q&A Videos which is really a new concept. This leading talent straight from NewYork is what everyone wish to become. But Only his 32 Million Subscribers Know how dissicult it is to copy him.

4. Whinderssonnunes

Oh My God! Anyone can tell that this Guy is full of madness and of course, he must be, this is why he is trending among the most famous YouTubers. With 33 Million Youtube Subscribers, he has made his position on number 4 in the list. He is the one who will sure there in your Youtube subscriber count History. On his Most viewed youtube channel, he publishes the hilarious parodies, vlogs, songwriting and movie reviews. So common, Right? But the way he appears in his Videos are what making him one of the popular Youtuber.

3. HolaSoyGerman

You Might not find any new video on his channel but still just with his old published videos, he is winning the list. With 35 Million Followers on the Youtube, he has secured the no. 3 Position in the list. His channel is the spanish speaking most subscribed channel that produces many songs and comedy videos. I can only imagine what these 35 Million Followers so love about him, I mean, he has won the Youtube Forever with some of his Published Videos. He is really the popular YouTuber with most Subscribers on Youtube.

2. Dude Perfect

I m really confused, what is Complimenting What? The Name is complimenting the 37 Million Subscribers or the 37 Million Subscribers Complimenting the Name- Dude Perfect. Well, this most viewed youtube channel Dude Perfect empire is made by 5 college roommates
Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, Coby Cotton, and Cory Cotton. They publish the videos of them doing epic trick shots that will really leave you with open Mouth from the beginning to the end. Their Trick Shots are their real shots that have made them among the most famous YouTubers. Once you start watching them, I m sure, You won’t look away. Because, simply you can’t miss a Second also.

1. PewDiePie

What? How? Why? When? Who? I know these would be the Things coming up in your mind when you will get to know the now of subscribers for this one of the most viewed channels. PewDiePie is leading the list with not 40 or 50 But 79 Million YouTube Subscribers. Swedish Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is the kind of this most viewed YouTube channel and he has taken home Gold for this. PewDiePie live subscriber count will also blow your mind. He has done masters in the art of gaming commentary, with style and this is what his Subscribers or can I say his fans love the most. Also, he has ranked among “The World’s 100 Most Influential People” in Time.
Here are these youtube celebrities as the most Subscribed YouTubers. If you ever wish to become Youtube famous, Here are the once you really need to compete with. GoodLuck! Bang On!

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