Top 7 Best Wedding Proposals Ever


Will you marry me? The question every girl is waiting to hear from her beloved Guy. But, it may also happen that the guy is waiting for the best moment, or may be planning on how to make it happen. The Best part of making such proposals are the preparations and the nervousness on ones face. But if everything goes according to the plan, it may be the sweetest gesture one can ever live.

Can you answer why does a person propose his or her loved one? Yes, because they want to live there rest of the lives with each other. And they know that they will keep them happy forever. It is also certain that the story of your proposal will be circulated in every friend’s group. Knowing this, many people may also dare to take such big step. So make it a memorable one.

If you are a guy and thinking how to make this happen, then have a look at these some of the best proposals ever made. On the other hand, if you are a girl, even you can try something like this and surprise your Guy.

Best Wedding Proposals Ever-

  1. On the Roads of Dubai

One of the cutest and the coolest Proposals ever made. This young guy from Dubai thought of this out of the box and simple Idea to propose her Girlfriend. Since the place was awesome and the weather was with him, he didn’t have to make any heard efforts but it was a memorable one.

Some cars, good friends, Ballons and of course a wedding ring!! That’s all you need right now.

  1. Sometimes a Surprise party is all you need.

A wedding proposal like this is the best one can ever plan of. The guy just planned a surprise party for his love with some help of their friends. The only thing different here is the location. She might have never expected what would have happened next. It’s what they say “if you are prepared to take the big step, don’t worry about the consequences”. And here, everything is dependent on the planning.

  1. What about a Chopper Ride?

What do you think that Doctors are not Romantic? They don’t know what is love? Then you are completely wrong. This video of an Indian Doctor proposing his Girlfriend is something out of this world. If you know the thing as to what she exactly wants or what you can do that she will love, then my friend you will definitely make her fall for you even more. And the story of a proposal like this will surely make revolve around your group for a lifetime!!

  1. A Fake Dance Audition

This couple was in love for a long time and were having a long distance relationship. So, the guy plans to surprise her and at the same time propose her. For this, he plans a Fake Dance Audition with help of his friends and loved ones. He prepares a dance himself and proposes in a manner that even the girl herself couldn’t refuse.

  1. Proposing in packed Cinema Hall

One of the best and the costliest proposal idea. The guy prepares a video song and is displayed in the movie hall while the women go there for me time movie. Just when the video gets over, he enters and makes his wedding proposal. At the same time, she notices her family members. Having butterflies in her stomach, she gets up and accepts the proposal!!

  1. An Emotional Movie

Again a cinema hall proposal, but much emotional one. Here, the story of this couple is been captured in a video and is edited to make a movie. The movie contains so many emotions that even her mother starts to cry. If you love someone with whole your heart, then it is sure that you’ll not see the expenses to make such moments precious. P.S check her expressions.

This might be the most emotional proposal you’ll ever see!!

  1. Musical Proposal at LAX

The most musical proposal ever made is this one. The guy practiced a music performance and that too at the LAX (Los Angeles Airport). The efforts he made was truly amazing. All he did was to set some guitarists to guide her to the end of the whole act. There he appeared and performed for her in the most amazing way. With bending the knee he proposed!! and she said YES!!

In every situation here, there was a single common thing. And that is the love for the other person. The never-ending love for the person who is most important in their lives. The care for the other, the thinking that she will always be my happiness and I will be hers. Even having a long distance relation, loving and understanding them is the most important thing. If you have that someone special in your life, hold them and never ever let them go. Believe me, you’ll never find someone better than them.

Also, if you are waiting for a perfect moment to surprise her, don’t wait. Because perfect moments are not received but created!! All The Best!!


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